Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Blues....

Okaaaay - so remember how last week I told ya to run, not walk, to your nearest bookseller for one of the Sweet Series by Maya Banks? Did you do it? No? Silly rabbits....let me see if I can tempt you further.

So, today (at the risk of getting my butt kicked by Tyra for leading y'all astray with books out of order) I will review the 1st in Ms. Banks' Sweet series: Sweet Surrender. Hold onto your hats gals - prepare yourself for a emotional roller coaster!

Gray Montgomery is a Dallas cop healing from a disastrous case that left him injured and his partner dead. Egged on by his partner's father, the two continue an off books investigation that leads Gray to Houston and the Malone and Sons Security. Somehow they are convinced there is a link between the patriarch's ex-wife and Alex Winslow's killer.

Faith Malone works for her adopted father - she is sweet, kind, competent at her job and deeply unsatisfied with her sexual life. She isnt sure what it is that she wants but believes she may have Submissive tendencies. Faith and Gray have an instant attraction but owing to her insecurity about what she desires sexually and his guilt and internal turmoil over the mounting deceptions he perpetrates to seek justice for his murdered partner - it takes some interesting twists before these two get together. And, hoo-boy! Once they do, it is smokin hot. (as in get me a fan and a glass of ice water, puhlease)

The plot twists and character development keep this story from sliding into trite cliches. From BDSM sex clubs to romantic Gulf Coast beach homes, the convergence of romance and sheer terror hurtles the reader like a crazy amusement park ride. The sexcapades explored by the hero/heroine do include BDSM and menage but because the relationship is loving and you feel the characters growth, it never feels wrong or as if the story line exists only to charge from one sexual encounter to the next.

Banks' gifts lie in developing characters that are real, human and vulnerable. While it is truly Gray and Faith's story, the secondary characters are never flat, single dimensionals. You want to know more about them - those are the talents that make for great series - secondaries who can spin off and stand on their own two feet. Maya Banks can builds tension with such subtle skill that it almost surprises you when you least expect it. Prepare, as you must with all her stories, to have a box of cleanex for your tears and a fan for your hot flashes. I give this gem 4 out of 5 Chocolate Dipped Strawberries! Yum!!
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