Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Humpday Hello...Get Your Spider's Revenge On!

Hello Humpday lovelies! Halfway through the work week....again! Big breath in, let it out. Ahhhhhhh. Now, ponder this: The Guilty Indulgence blog turns one this week and you, the readers, are in for a super treat! A year - yes, a whole year - has come and gone, and with it many fabulous new friends and even more fabulous new books! Let's rock it out for our anniversary time!!! Drop in, make a comment and get entered for a super huge bag o' swag! (Who doesn't like goodies from authors, publishers, books and goodies and more!) But just in case you need a little snack to tide you over until the big reward comes - have a bite of eye candy....Mmmmmmm! Hits the spot, doesn't it???

Jennifer Estep, Spider's Revenge, Pocket Books, October 2011

Gin is back. With a vengeance. All she needs to do to reach her final destination is fight, to the death, to avenge the deaths of her mother and sister. Good thing her only obstacles are an army of hired assassins, fear of involving her loved ones and mastering her secondary magic, now as powerful as her first! Easy as pie, right? If she succeeds, she rids the city of her mortal enemy, Mab the Fire elemental holding it hostage. If she fails, she rids the city of it's secret savior. Put my money on the Spider - ready to snare this "fire" fly into her web!

The final showdown is finally here: in one corner, our favorite stone cold killer with a heart of gold, in the other the uber powerful bitch burning for the chance to halt the prophecy! When you are the best of the best at what you do, you don't expect everything that can go wrong to do so. That's why you have a back up plan and the support of the best friends an assassin can have!

Jennifer Estep knows action. She creates some of the most exciting fight scenes, full of movement and graphic violence but choreographed in an eloquently visual way. Her cast of characters, by now well loved, bandy quips and crack jokes throughout some of the most intense moments. Their sarcasm and snarky commentary often providing clues into the emotional depths these odd collections of people feel for one another. Our hard-hearted heroine manages to explore not just her passion but deeper feelings for the ever-true Owen Grayson. And, with some luck and perseverance, Gin may have the Snow sister she's dreamed of having return to her as well.

Like a boulder rolling down a mountainside, this story takes off from the first line and doesn't lose momentum until the final line. A pulse pounding, page turning thrill ride, readers of the Elemental Assassin series are guaranteed to be delighted with this fifth installment. Shedding light on some of the previously alluded to mysteries and building on the promise of previously hinted relationships, Spider's Revenge provides some serious satisfaction to those who have, like our story's namesake, waited patiently!

The fact that Estep has more Gin Blanco in the works makes the ending even better...making it The End....for now! I totally agree with my bookworm bestie - I wanna be just like Gin when I grow up!

I give Spider's Revenge 5 chocolate dipped strawberries and a generous serving of whatever the Pork Pit wants to dish out on any given day!
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