Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Call me some Tech Support!

Humpday greetings and salutations! Welcome to October -kicking off the best season (sorry Kim) of all - Fall! Cool nights, crisp air, fall foliage and football! And, once the leaves are raked, the end of yard work for the season - woohoo!!!! That means more time to cuddle on the sofa with fuzzy blankie and cuppa tea and plenty of fabulous books to read - so many, so little time!

Before I give you your weekly treat, let us also remember this is Pinktober! Breast Cancer Awareness month (not just for the girls you know) - whatever your motto is: Save the Ta-tas, Save Second Base, Fight Like a Girl - remember the fight begins with you. Save yourself, check yourself - every month. Make your "girls" your breast friends, so you can be there for your best friends for a long, long time! Take advantage of the charitable opportunities out there - such a great cause - can you imagine a world without the fear of breast cancer? Or any cancer?

You've been so great - now I give you, tasty treats of the eye candy variety! And it's coming from a book cover, no less....Yummmm!

Tech Support, JM Snyder, JMS Books, 2011

Noah works in tech support at a software firm. He gets a frantic call from Becky, the receptionist in Development, asking him to assist a new employee tackle his network problems. Jared is having a bad first day at work, and sounds unbearably cute over the phone, but Noah’s been disappointed before.

To get away from the phones, he takes smoke breaks with his buddy Joel, Becky’s boyfriend. When Noah sees a cute new employee, Joel’s only too happy to help them hook up. Still, Noah doesn’t want to write Jared out of the picture completely …

I love J.M. Snyder's writing - it is all that good in romance: sexy, good tension and chemistry, clever little twists and quirks. And all that is good in a short story - and this is one of those stories that feels like a much longer work because it is so well written, tight and yet emotionally captivating. The character of Noah is very realistically portrayed, a hopeful but frustrated romantic who works odd hours and figures the only way he'll find a beau is one at work. Fate works in mysterious ways - fortunately, new hires need technical support when they are given ancient computers. Noah spies a hottie exiting work on the same day he chats up a sweet new hire struggling with crappy equipment. Imagine his surprise and delight when he discovers they are one and the same! Sparks fly, readers sigh - all is right with the world!

I love a sexy, sassy, short story - the kind that leaves you satisfied and yet wanting...a little more. I give this Tech Support a delish five chocolate dipped strawberries - it's the perfect snack for the perfect romantic short!

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