Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Humpday Hello to the Cat's Cradle

String of Fate series is an off-shoot and sub-set of Tales of the Were, featuring primarily, big cat shifters originating in Europe and elsewhere, and their monarchs. These stories intertwine with the Redstone Clan series.

Cat's Cradle, Bianca D'Arc
String of Fate #1

A match made in adventure... and blessed by a feline Chuck Norris.

As bad days go, this one qualifies as one for the books. Elaine knew being late for her jiu jitsu class could earn her a reprimand from her sensei. But the sensei's not there. And suddenly, neither is her car. Even walking home becomes problematic when she stumbles onto things that most definitely do go bump in the night. One of whom is too handsome for his own good - and too sexy for hers.

An Alpha Pantera Noir - black panther shifter - Cade operates on his immense skill, superior strength, and dominant personality. There's something about this small spitfire of a human woman that threatens to bring him to his knees. She blundered into the middle of his mission to transport his queen to safety, and now it's his responsibility to keep Elaine safe as well. Except no matter what he does, danger finds her at every turn.

Thrust into a world where the supernatural is commonplace, Elaine finds her considerable martial arts skill tested to the limit-and her ability to resist Cade crumbling by the second. But when nothing is as it seems, the last things she can trust are her own instincts...


Cat's Cradle brings our beloved Tales of the Were into the mainstream flow! Enjoy going over to the D'Arc side as the author is known to say....I'm betting readers will think it isnt a bad place to start, Who doesn't love a good shifter story? As an "old school" fantasy/paranormal writer, D'Arc knows how to deliver. Her world building is complex but her story lines move quickly and her characters are great. You really can't go wrong with a powerful alpha shifter and a badassed heroine. Most readers will agree having a strong female to balance the alpha makes for a more enjoyable read.

With a classic cute-meet, Ellie crashes into Cade, literally outside her jiu-jitsu studio one night. And a fateful night it is. Nurse, green belt, all around independent Miss finds herself entranced with the uber-Alpha pantera noir Cade. Neither lives will be the same and their meeting may indeed be the catalyst (no pun intended) for change in BOTH their races.

The story has little lags which seem to happen in the first of a series and for those who haven't read the Tales of the Were, there are things that may not readily click. That being said, the story is well written, the character and dialogue are great and the intense connection between Ellie and Cade is like sunshine on a tin roof - hot, hot, hot!

I am so ready for the next book in this series King's Throne!

RATING: 4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

King's Throne by @biancadarc #REVIEW #ULTIMATEINDULGENCE

King's Throne, Bianca D'Arc
String of Fate #2
A woman living in secret, hiding her true nature...

Gina is a medical doctor living in the city. What nobody knows is that she’s also tiger-shifter royalty, living in exile. Keeping her secret has kept her safe, but all that is about to change.

An injured soldier who heals in a way that makes him more than he ever was before...

Mitch is injured. Out of the action. He wakes up in a strange place, with a beautiful woman. Normally, not a problem, but this woman is special. She’s a white tiger. Daughter of the lost tiger king. Too good for the likes of him, but there’s an undeniable spark of attraction drawing them closer and closer.

A love that will make the very earth tremble beneath their feet...

When evil Challenges, Mitch will fight to keep Gina safe. A harrowing journey to the side of a living volcano brings secret knowledge and a power none of them ever expected. Will it be enough to prevail?

Only victory will keep his lady safe. And only victory will allow Gina to claim the man she truly loves.

Suspense and Royal intrigue are the name of the game in King's Throne.

We met Gina in Cat's Cradle and you just knew there was going to be something between the Princess in hiding and the brooding Royal Guard she was trying to save. Mitch didn't meet Gina under the best of circumstances. He was flat on his back, dying from poison and would not have been able to protect a kitten let alone the exiled Tigre Princess.

What happens to Mitch while he is recovering is the catalyst that changes his life forever. He will battle til the end to save all Tigre's but most importantly the woman who has become his everything.

Mystical battles and a love that is meant to be are the cornerstone of paranormal romance and both are showcased in this novel. I love a strong heroine and when she has an even stronger mate it just makes the relationship even hotter to read.

I am so ready for the next book in this series Jacob's Ladder!

RATING: 5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries.

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