Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Burning Up by @Silvia_Violet #REVIEW

Burning Up, Silvia Violet
Fitting In #3
Bryce has been a firefighter for ten years, but when a horrific house fire leaves him reeling, he moves to a new city, hoping to shove those memories behind him. As he adjusts to his new station, Bryce keeps to himself until Matt and Toby, two hot young men in his unit, throw temptation in his path. Bryce knows better than to mess around with men he works with, especially two newbies who are in the closet. But after a difficult day, Matt and Toby offer him compassion and friendship, which slips so easily into sex Bryce finds the combination irresistible.

Matt and Toby want to expand their relationship to include a third, and they've set their sights on their sexy bear of a lieutenant. Their first night together is a scorcher, and, more than that, it feels right, to all of them. But since Bryce refuses to hide who he is, and dating men on his shift is against the rules, all three men are going to have to make some tough choices if they want to stay together.

What's better than two hot firemen??? Three hot firemen!!

Bryce has only been in Durham for a few months. He needed a change of scenery after a bad experience while at a fire in Atlanta. He's not looking for a relationship but he can't stop fantasising about the two newbie's he works with.

Matt and Toby have been together since high school. While their bond is strong they are looking for something more. Both men need someone to step in and take control in the bedroom. But how do they convince Bryce they are serious and looking for more than just someone to play with?

The three men come together and burn the sheets up! While the sex is scorching the emotions that come about are strong and true. It's hard enough for a couple but three will take even more work.

Bryce is the older, more experienced Dom but his feelings are just as fragile. And Matt is dealing with problems that stem from being disowned by his family. Toby may be the goofy one but he is the glue that holds them together. I hope to see more about this trio and would love to see Matt take a more dominate role in some of their scenes.

Mason, Jack and Grey are very much in the story and make a great sounding board for Bryce.


RATING: 4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries.  This book was given to us by the author. Many thanks.


Friday, February 27, 2015

For the Love of Baked Goods Friday - Guitars & Cupcakes by @ellagrey26 @evernightpub #REVIEW #PUBLISHERSPOTLIGHT

Guitars and Cupcakes by Ella Gray
It shouldn't work…...

Clayton Heaton, a mechanic with a love of music, doesn’t believe in long term relationships. The girl who makes mouth-watering cookies is about to change his mind.

Lily Collins, a baker with a past she can’t forget, can’t risk having her heart broken again. A man who sings from the soul is determined to prove to her that not all men are the same.


After a long first part of the week. I sat down with a new brand of wine and this book to relax. Lucky for me I enjoyed both the book and the wine. First off I love the cover. It's what attracted me to the book along with the word CUPCAKE. I loved how the story was set in a different place bedside the US. Little hints sprinkled thruough out the story let you know they were else where. I also loved Clayton's place of employment. It was a great family-like environment. Frosting and all this was a good story and I wish it had been a little longer.

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I give this story 4 cupcakes!

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