Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dawn's Awakening

Hello All, I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far!! I got my hair colored today(Thanks Jenn) and I have gone a little darker than in the past. I am loving it, but I think it's hilarious that my husband still hasn't noticed. LOL Can you say CLUELESS? Oh well...I like it and that's all that really matters.

Dawn's Awakening

Other than Jonas the breed whose story I most wanted to read was Dawn's. She was so broken I wondered if she would ever be able to trust and to love. In my opinion this was the most emotional of all the breed books. This is also the first book where we see Cassie as a character who is no longer a child, she has grown up and is dealing with issues of her own, but that book hasn't been written yet. LOL

We meet Dawn in the very first breed book and she is the quietest of the original pride. She has been tortured not only in the council labs but also by a pride member after their escape. She has already been through so much, but you can see the strong female breed that she is inside. In the second book, The Man Within, she meets the man that should be her mate. Seth Lawson is the brother of another breed mate, and he comes to Sanctuary to see his sister. Seth wants Dawn from the first time that they meet and even though they don't spend very much time together it's enough to start the mating heat.

Flash forward ten years and we find out that Callan and Jonas showed Seth the tapes of Dawn being raped in the labs to get him to leave the compound and Dawn behind. Seth leaves but promises the Breeds that they will have his financial support to continue to defend themselves. Then Seth returns to Sanctuary to inform them of a threat on his life and Callan assigns Dawn's team to protection detail while Seth attends a work conference on his private island. Seth doesn't want Dawn there because after ten years he is finally free of the mating heat and has decided to take a wife.

Dawn has been fighting the mating heat, and has been avoiding Seth, but when she finds out that he is in danger nothing is going to keep her from her mate....not even a fiancee, and she goes to the island to join the protection detail. As soon as she arrives the jealousy between Dawn and Caroline, Seth's fiancee, is so thick you know it's going to get ugly. And is does. Seth finally realizes that he can't live without Dawn even if he can never have her and sends Caroline packing.

When the two finally come together it doesn't get much easier because they still have a lot to deal with, Dawn finds out about Callan showing Seth the tapes of her and is very angry and hurt by this, one of Seth's board members is murdered and several board members want to cut off funding to the breeds and are planning a coup. And lets not forget there is still an assassin out to kill Seth.

The two have a hard time coming together but when they do it's some of the best scenes that I have read. Yes the sex is hot, but I think my favorite part is when Seth shows Dawn all of the soaps that he has had made for her from around the world. Everytime he was somewhere he wanted to share with her he had a soap made to smell like that place so her could share it with her some day.

There is so much action that happens in this book but the emotional journey that Dawn and Seth take to come together after so many years, makes this one of my favorite Breed books and one that I find myself reading again and again. So I give this story 5 Chocolate Dipped Strawberries!!!
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