Tuesday, October 5, 2010

From Boardroom to Wedding Bed?, Jules Bennett

The Billionaire's Choice....He'd been faced with the toughest decision of his life - a future full of wealth and power, or the love of Tamera Stevens. And self-made billionaire Cole Marcum had never regretted his choice. Until now, when circumstances forced him to work as partners with the woman he'd left behind.

This first in a new trilogy by Jules Bennett is off to a great start. You meet Tamera and Cole as they are being offered the job of a lifetime,the only problem... they have to work together. Coming from competing architecture firms is bad enough but they also have a past. Cole and Tamera were college sweethearts and were engaged before Cole broke her heart for reasons unknown to Tamera. To make matters worse Tamera is caring for her dying father and trying to keep the company he started and made successful from falling apart, and Cole thinks that makes her company ripe for a take over. Cole would love the opportunity to show Tamera's father that he was wrong about him, and he should have never threaten Cole's family.

Cole wants to keep things strictly professional and watching him fight with his emotions over Tamera make this book worth reading. When he finally realizes that he can't let her go again I found myself yelling at the book, "It's about DAMN time." I think anytime a book can elicit that kind of emotion out of a reader the author has a winner.

Tamera is one of those characters that you can really empathize with, while she is trying to be so strong for her business and her father she has those moments where it all becomes to much and that made her very real for me.

I enjoyed this book and I am looking forward to the next book in this trilogy, Her Innocence, His Conquest due out in April, 2011.
I give this book 4 chocolate dipped strawberries.

Happy Release Day everyone!!!!

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