Monday, October 11, 2010

Guest Author Jules Bennett!!!

We are pleased to have Silhouette Desire author Jules Bennett guest blogging with us today. Her new book, From Boardroom to Wedding Bed?, will be released tomorrow October 12th.

1. What did you do to celebrate selling your first book?
I was on my way out the door to my day job at a busy salon. Once I called everyone I knew, plus everyone in the phone book, to share my great news, I started receiving flowers galore at work which was nice. Then hubby took me out to my favorite restaurant, Cheesecake Factory. Great day and wonderful memories:)

2. Do you like to listen to music while you write, or does it need to be quite?
Oh, how I love quiet, but it doesn't happen at my house. I have two girls (5 and 2) a dog, hubby and a day job. I tend to write at the salon while clients are processing. I sneak to the breakroom and close the door:) If I'm under deadline, I work once my girls go to bed and I tend to get about 20-25 pages done when I stay up all night.

3. Do you carry around a pad and pen at all times in case inspiration strikes?
No. I just write it on the many receipts in my file cabinet, er, purse:)

4. Does your family read your books?
Most of them do. They love them and tell me they read them slow so they will last longer. I just give them other authors to go buy that are similar to what I write and that pacifies them for a while.

5. Where or when do you do your best writing?
I do my best writing when I'm sleep deprived. Seriously! I wish it weren't true. I'd love to sleep like a normal human being, but I tend to sleep from about 4a.m. to 6 or 7a.m. That's it. I write other times, but I know when I go back to edit, I can tell if I was tired because the writing is stronger. Maybe because all my emotions are kicking in and I just want to weep because I'm sleepy:) Who knows? I'm not knocking's obviously working!

6. If you could be one of your characters, which one would you be?
Tamera Stevens. She's the heroine in FROM BOARDROOM TO WEDDING BED? She's very take-charge and independent, but once alone her vulnerable side comes out. She's a lot like me. Hey, I have a bond with a ficticious character...interesting:)

7. What is your guilty indulgence?
ICE CREAM! I eat it for meals. Seriously, why have the dinner and take up space in my belly when all I want is ice cream with hot fudge, brownies, sprinkles, and any other topping I can cram on there:)
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