Friday, November 12, 2010

Get Awakened - It's Finally Friday!

Ahhh…Friday! Even though I spent a day home with a sick child it’s still been a long week. But for once in a very long time I don’t have to work Saturday and no soccer. So, time with my family is on the menu . It’s also time for me to get my butt in gear and start thinking of the up coming holidays. I did however hang my Christmas lights while my child napped Tuesday. I also feel I should give you fare warning that next Friday I will be blogging about my most beloved book series so be prepared!

Now on to this weeks blog…….
What a great short read! A quickie if you will (he he!)! I enjoyed Pray but I liked Awakening better. I was totally expecting Billy’s story to be next in line but what a nice surprise for me, Sean and Chandra’s story.

Awakening by Christine Bell
I was wondering why Chandra all of a sudden felt the need to leave her pack and join another. She felt a certain something towards Sean and his son Ryan. It’s a good thing too because Sean isn’t being a real good dad right now. He’s hurt that he wasn’t able to save his wife Sara and that Ryan had to witness it. He doesn’t want to talk about Sara and Ryan really needs someone to help him thru this. Chandra steps in and fills those shoes. Sean and Chandra feel a connection but neither feels it’s more than friendship and mutual love for Ryan. Until Sean comes home drunk with a “cutie” he picked up at a bar for a one night stand. Chandra scolds him about bringing her home for two reasons. Ryan and the fact they are werewolves and outsiders need to be kept out. Hence, the mega fence and cameras everywhere. Duh Sean! Turns out Chandra was wrong about Ryan finding out. He was at a sleepover but she was spot on about the blonde “cutie” Amber.

The next morning during their run Sean explains that he realizes he needs to clean his act up and that he remained a gentleman last night and sent Amber on her way in the morning. After the run they hit the showers and Sean asks Chandra about being friends with “benefits”. I’m thinking to myself, wow he’s got nerve! She’s gonna smack the crap outta him. Boy was I wrong - she jumped into his shower!

After all that clean fun, Chandra decides to pay Amber a little visit. Amber comes clean and says she was hired to get close and feed information to Bill Wheeler, the man that shot Sara. While there Bill shows up and kidnaps Chandra. Sean and Chandra have a connection now and she leads Sean and the pack to her thru him. Will Sean make it in time to save Chandra?

I give this book two chocolate dipped strawberries and an adult beverage of your choice because I have a whole new respect for showers in barns now! Loved it!
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