Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday…… Really?

I know, I know I’m outta order. It’s not Friday. It’s been one of those weeks already so here I am. Had a great Thanksgiving, spent it with my family and for once just chilled. For me that doesn’t happen very often. It’s now time to dive into the holiday season as well as a new series for me. Because I totally needed to add a new series to my already HUGE to read list. In this case I’m not complaining because I like where this series is going. I’ll admit I was skeptical about it being a historical background but I found it easy to read and keep up with (Jenn and Tyra keep blonde comments to yourselves).

The Chief by Monica McCarty
Sisters Christina and Beatrix Fraser are nothing but tools that their father is planning to use for his own gain. He plans to use them to bargain with Tor Macleod. When Tor refuses to take one as his bride their father plots to trick Tor into marriage. Christina steps up to the challenge to protect her frail sister. Once her father’s plan is in place and her virginity taken, Christina’s father is certain that he has forced Tor to do the “noble” thing and marry her. Tor, not to be forced into anything refuses. Although thru further talks he agrees to marry Christina for the good of his clan. For Tor, his clan and their well being is all he lives for, for now….……
Once whisked away to her new home land Christina has to learn the ins and out’s of clan life and her role as the Chief’s wife. She soon learns that it is far from her Lancelot stories that she loves to read. She is to be seen and not heard and she seems to have a problem with that. Since Tor refuses to tell her his business she takes it upon herself to follow him, read his correspondence and anything else she can to learn more about him. She can see there’s more too him than he let’s her or anyone else see. She gets herself caught on more than one occasion! While she’s snooping around Tor is trying his hardest to run his clan and train in secret the elite group of men that he was all but forced into training.

As the story unfolds, Christina slowly gets Tor to open up here and there but he shuts down quickly. In her last attempt to spy on him he loses his patience and says some harsh words that he will later regret. Christian decides that this cold life isn’t for her and leaves on a boat to Iona to be with her sister. In route the boat is taken over and Christina is held hostage. When Tor discovers Christina has been taken hostage he realizes that he really does love her and gathers his elite team to rescue her. Will he and his elite warriors be out numbered or will he get to her in time?
I truly enjoyed this story. Sometimes the first book in a series tends to get a little bogged down with character and setting details but this one wasn’t bad. I think my favorite part of this story was watching the men ban together to become the elite guard. I also praise Christina for not settling for what she was given but strived to improve her situation.

I give this book 4 chocolate dipped strawberries and a shout out to the leading lady of the story Christina for not being afraid to get her dress and slippers dirty!
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