Monday, January 3, 2011

A Good Thing in a Small Package

Bloodlines is a good thing in a small package. Although just a short novella, the author develops multi-dimensional characters with history, motivation, and desires. Both controlled by domineering fathers, the plot revolves around the two main characters coming together and discovering strength through love and compassion. 

Evin KinKaid, the only son of the KinKaid pack's alpha, has a secret that will destroy his family’s bloodline. He is in place to succeed his father as alpha, align himself with a chosen mate and continue the bloodline. The problem is that Evin is gay and when pushed by his intended female mate, he's forced into revealing the truth and is banished from the pack.
The story resumes one year later with Evin working in a garage when Mason Thorne's car is brought in after a car accident. Immediately they hit it off and Mason stays with Evin while waiting for his car to be repaired. Though Mason has been living life to please his all-important father, his inhibitions are set free with Evin. Everything seems perfect until…

This review originally written for TRR:
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