Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy Hump Day 2011 - first good hump of the year....

Well hello there! Happy New Year to you all. Having survived the holidays (phfew!) and managed to drag my happy ass out for a amazingly entertaining New Years Eve out (for the first time in more than a decade), I am feeling rather shiny and new (or at least cheerfully optimistic) at this juncture of 2011. For those of you who also feel the buzz of the new year - have a little taste of days to come with our favorite dessert snack.....eye candy! Mmmmmmmm (When he gets done here, he's headed to my place to help de-Christmas my mantle too!)

So for today's offerings, it was a total toss up between my eagerly awaited Richelle Mead Vampire Academy conclusion Last Sacrifice and Lynsay Sands' latest Argeneau vamp tale, Hungry For You. Both were read over the holidays... However, seeing as how I nearly LOST MY MIND trying to get through the Richelle Mead VA book, I guess I'll stick with Lynsay. (major publishing issue with ebook of Last Sacrifice, all sellers affected, no quote marks in entire book - question marks instead - sounds annoying but trust me, it's way worse when you are actually reading and hit a major conversation between characters....agony!)

You should know by now my penchant for strong females, stronger males and a liberal dousing of snarky good humor...add in yummy vamps and you have solid gold, baby! Hungry For You continues in fine Argeneau family tradition with Marguerite meddling once again in her loved ones' lives, ever searching for life-mates to complete the happily ever after cycle started with her first pairing, son Lucern (or daughter Lissiana, depending when you started reading the series - back in the 2003-04 when the first 3 books were released, the matchmaking order went Lucern, Etienne, Bastien, Lissiana - however, upon rel-release, they changed up to make it Lissiana, Lucern, Etienne, Bastien but storyline wise, much of it happens simultaneously so I guess it doesn't matter much).

, this particular story brings us to Cale Valens, son of Martine Argeneau (brother of Marguerite's 1st husband Jean-Claude). Cale has existed for more than 2000 years, having lost hope that he will ever find his lifemate. Marguerite convinces him to stop in Canada to meet the 3rd Willan sister, Alexandra the chef and successful restaurateur. With Alex's new restaurant poised to open, she finds herself desperately in need of a chef. All the building remodelling has gone awry from the paint to the color tiles. A phone call and a little white lie later finds Cale standing in the industrial kitchen - only problem? He hasn't eaten, much less cooked in more than 2000 years! Nothing says success in a new relationship like honesty, right?

Cale Valens is completely stumped. He has no clue how he will go about making his pitch to this modern woman. She's smart, dedicated to her work and has no idea that immortals exist. Determined to keep their business relationship intact, Alex attempts to keep Cale at arms length. Forced to take advice from the younger immortals and resorting to creative measures, Cale and Alex finally connect after she gets mugged in her parking lot and Cale rescues her. Once things get cooking, the heat coming out of the kitchen is full blaze!

I have a soft spot in my heart for this series. It's funny and fun, sexy and silly all at the same time. I have to appreciate a vampire series that doesn't take itself so seriously and I love the Atlantis connection in how they explain the immortal existence. Like the combination of hot cocoa and a warm fire on a cold winter day, Lynsay Sands makes my world just a little bit brighter when I sit down to read her.

I give this latest Argeneau family tale, Hungry For You, a tasty five chocolate dipped strawberries as it leaves me hungry for more!

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