Saturday, January 22, 2011

He's Untamable

UntamableIn her latest romance book Untamable, Becca Dale wisely chooses a theme that no romantic-at-heart can resist – the belief in a second chance at love. Though a short read, Untamable is a sweet story of misunderstanding and reconciliation between Lily Swanson and Thornton Hanson. Not everyone gets a second chance at a love they left behind but this couple does and its theirs to do with it what they will.
Eight years earlier, Lily left her hometown believing that Thor no longer loved her. Now returning for a charity rodeo and a visit with her best friend, she comes face to face with the cowboy who still holds her heart. Seeing him again conjures up old memories, but Lily finds it impossible to let go of the anger his betrayal infused in her heart. The character’s inner struggle provides her with depth and draws a reader’s compassion.

At the same time Lily struggles with her version of history, Thor lives with the belief that she left him when he needed her most. Her return calls up old feelings of anger and regret, lust and love, of the relationship he thought was perfect. And when Lily explains the truth behind her leaving, Thor is determined to turn their reunion into forever and never let her go again. His determination, and the acknowledgement that he was at fault, captures the reader who cheers him on in his pursuit of his lost love.

Untamable has a realistic storyline with characters to which the reader can easily relate. The theme of reconciliation is also one that calls to the romantic-at-heart who will not be disappointed in this story. Untamable is short and sweet... worth four chocolate-dipped strawberries.

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