Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Hello again my military friends...and fans! What a week it's been. I must say, not my favorite of this new year so let's all decompress for a moment. In light of all the drama out there in the real world (government repeals, senseless shootings, havoc wreaking weather), let's stop and pause for some proper appreciation of one of life's good things! Pop some eye candy and enjoy! These Navy fellas give a whole new meaning to salt water taffy! Mmmmmmmmm

Warning to all readers, this "Not Quite Christmas" story will make you believe in the power of love, community and Christmas miracles. Jan Irving's SAM'S REVIEWS combines the best of suspense/mystery with erotic romance and showcases a non-traditional hero who dares to go for what he wants.

Coming into the holiday season, Sam Masterson must go from a homeless paraplegic former marine to a caregiver for his young nephew when his aunt is brutally attacked and left in a coma. Sam runs his aunt's knitting shop and writes gay romance novels by day and, when some nearby developers leaves a giant hole in the side of the building, shares guard duty with its staff and building tenants from intruders by night. All the while attempting to maintain the building where a bunch of down and out misfits live in a neighborhood under siege by developers bent on regentrification.

Determined to take a stand, Sam goes to the architectural firm responsible for the Troubadour Towers to demand reparations for damages to his building. Once there, his internal fantasy meter skyrockets as he encounters the sexy Trevor "Tall" Hollander, the architect who created the nearby monstrosity. Sparks fly between the two, and even Sam's complicated life stands little chance of getting between their joining.

Tall and Sam embark upon a series of sexy encounters while getting to know one another better. Their connection, while extremely physical, grows into deeper emotions that have the ability to both hurt and heal the wounded veteran. The secondary storyline involving Sam and his nephew, Joe, tugs at the heartstrings as they struggle to build the family that they both truly need.

Thoughtful and well written, SAM'S REVIEWS brings a sense of holiday spirit in subtle ways. Romance peppered with suspense keeps this story from being ordinary. While not exactly a Christmas story, Jan Irving captures the kind of hope that keeps Christmas dreams alive year-round.

I give my military man Sam a sweet five chocolate covered strawberries for reminding me that just because we want it doesn't make it easy. But buddy is it ever worth the effort!

This review was previously published on The Romance Reviews.

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