Saturday, January 29, 2011

Join the Cattleman's Club

This week has been rough.  I landed up getting a horrible cold and lost my voice.  For everyone that knows me, that is just tragic. I never realized how much I talk until I couldn’t.  Without the energy to do much else I turned my attention to reading.  I was dying to try something new (to me anyway). Between my cold and the snow, this has been an awesome reading week.  I hope everyone else is doing well and please take your vitamins, having a cold stinks.
Hailey's Game [Cattleman's Club 2] [The Jenny Penn Collection] (Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting) Cole Jackson and Kyle Harding haven't got any doubts that Hailey Mathews is up to something, but they ain't worried. They have their own wicked intentions and the full confidence that one little woman doesn't stand a chance against two Cattlemen. Hailey has had enough. Enough of Kyle and his smooth charm. Enough of Cole and his provocations. Not about to trust that either Cattleman has any interest in her other than playing a game, Hailey decides it's time to show them how it's done. However, if things don't go the way Hailey plans, the consequences might be more than she can pay. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

This is the second book in the Cattleman series. I like to pick up books from authors that I have never read. I enjoyed the first one enough to try the second. The story is simple but Jenny Penn does a good job with the flow. Hailey is a strong woman that owns her own Mechanic business. She has had shop class with Cole and Kyle in high school (who also own their own shop in town) and like most high school boys that are threaten by a girl that matches them in talent, they tormented her! She wasn’t going to stand by and just take it so she planned her revenge.  After high school, the games never stopped. Any yes, you know what we tell our children, if the boy picks on you then that means in truth he likes you.

This story is no different, except the boys turn into men that just happen to also be members of the Cattleman’s Club. In the club, the men learn how to pleasure a women and Cole became a “Master” while still in his teens. Hailey wants nothing to do with any Cattleman until she is finds herself hiding under Cole’s bed while he and one of his cousins “enjoys” one of the girls from the Club. After that Ms. Hailey can’t stop daydreaming about what it would be like to be with both Cole and Kyle.

Patton's Way [Cattleman's Club 1]The book is a funny and you really don’t know who you want to route for.  I loved Hailey’s character but then switched to Kyle and even Cole starts to grow on you. You wouldn’t think that the story line couldn’t keep up for 400 pages but it does.  If you want to read something just for fun and to laugh, then I would suggest that you give Jenny Penn a try (of course, start with Patton's Way, book one).  I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up another one of her books. 

I would give Hailey’s Game 3 chocolate dipped strawberries! Have you read it? Tell me what you think...
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