Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hump day...better late than never!

Greetings loved ones! (Thanks Snoop Dogg!) You know how every once in a while one of "those" weeks seems to sneak up on you and whack you between the eyes? Well, I think I found myself in birthday weekend blues I guess. Many thanks and mucho smoochies to my lovely circle of friends for making another year passing less painful. (Although apparently I am one of those girls who inspires an eclectic array of shopping options - from sassy Vicky's Secret to sleezy Spencers...needless to say the company was fab and the gifts guaranteed to entertain! As a little treat for those who weren't available to endulge with me - I bring you tidings of indulgences of the eye candy variety! (I am pretty sure he is thinking about what to get me for my birthday next year!)

Hades Squad 2: Lucifer’s Choice, Jianne Carlo, Loose ID

Who doesn’t love a good Alpha male? Certainly no exception, Sax Anders, code name Lucifer, is fierce, focused and passionate. Like a Viking raider, he spies what he wants. And what he wants is the exotic beauty from the flamenco bar for one night. Nalini Marajh doesn’t even stand a chance. Book 2 of the Hades Squad, Lucifer’s Choices hooks readers from page one, heck – paragraph one. Grab a fan and some ice water because this little treat has some major heat!

Nalini has fantasized about big brother Tarak’s friend Sax forever. Having run away to escape an arranged marriage, Nalini forges a new life and career until her ship is captured and the Hades Squad comes to the rescue. A plan comes together and Nalini capitalizes on a fantasy come true. Nalini’s web of lies unravels when she and Sax pose as engaged for publicity sake only to find emotions getting the better of them. Can she overcome her fear of confinement long enough for him to convince her to stay?

Jianne Carlo writes sizzling romance scenes with passion and creativity. What initially begins as a quick, albeit hot, encounter continues into a growing sexual infatuation that morphs into more. Alpha male Sax and naïve Nalini generate the kind of heat that deserves a re-read at leisure.

Nalini’s character fights the culture clash between her parents’ wants and desires with her own. The author explains cultural issues sensitively without proselytizing. The evolution of the parent-child relationship mirrors the romantic one but feels effortless – the story so engaging that its subtleties are worth a second read as well!

Truly an action packed drama in addition to erotic romance, Lucifer’s Choice takes the reader on an exotic journey which explores passion, truth and consequences and the choices that are made on the rocky road to romance. Like fine tequila, the men of Hades Squad are spicy and a little hard to get down but the warm afterglow must surely be worth it.

I give this tasty little treat a yummalicious five chocolate dipped strawberries and will be keeping my eyes peeled for new additions to this author's repertoire!

This review was previously written amd published for The Romance Reviews.

The Romance Review
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