Monday, March 28, 2011

The Initiation of Miss Holly

The Initiation of Ms. HollyKD Grace's debut novel, The Initiation of Miss Holly, brings the reader into a fantastical world of an exclusive club based on a legend from a time long ago, with a cult of people who believe that sex of any sort should be more than just an erotic fantasy. This book includes so much sex, sex, sex in such diversity that an erotica fan will swoon. But consider yourself warned: this is not for the faint of heart and even this more light-weight erotica fan was taking deep breaths during some scenes.

Hold on tight. The story jumps right in as Rita, a London journalist, is trapped in the dark on the Euro Tunnel only to meet the mysterious stranger, Edward. She is drawn to him but due to the electrical outage, she is unable to see what he looks like and is forced to rely upon her other senses to experience him. And experience him she does – in an erotic interlude that is sure to leave readers with accelerated heart rates.

Rita later agrees to a date with him at The Mount, a private club only the most elite people frequent. Edward insists that she wear a blindfold while they’re together which serves to both scare and arouse her. As they share an intimate dinner, Rita learns that Edward intends to share even more with her… and so her initiation into the club begins. Rita’s first experience leaves her spinning but still ready for more which is exactly how the reader continues to feel. The only restriction to Rita’s initiation into the club is that she cannot have sex with the one person she most wants, the mysterious Edward. Instead over a few months she has adventures, each bestowing a different lesson, with the members of the head council. 

While the concept of The Initiation of Miss Holly is a simple one, the plot is thick with intrigue and mystery, keeping readers turning the pages. During Rita’s initiation, she is forced to deal with Vivienne, the head of The Mount who is less than pleased with Rita’s presence. And though there are many, many erotic encounters to keep Rita busy (and to keep the book hot), Rita’s overall experience is shaded by Vivienne’s attempts to sabotage her and the mystery of still not truly knowing who Edward is. And Rita must complete her initiation to be considered worthy of membership in The Mount, and then be granted the privilege of seeing Edward.

Though a bit over the top for me, I can't deny the storyline propelled me from one scene to the next. The Initiation of Miss Holly is skillfully written to provide a provocative blend of kinky sex with subtle mystery. Simply put, this book is a page turner for the erotic reader... it's totally worthy of our five chocolate-dipped strawberry rating!

This review was originally written for The Romance Reviews:
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