Saturday, April 23, 2011

Catches On Like WILDE FIRE

I've been reading a few of these quick release series where a new short story comes out every four - six weeks and you can't possibly read out of order because they pick up immediately from where the last concluded. This one is right up there among my favorites of these series... hot, sexy, suspenseful quick and fun reads. So, take it for what it's worth - read this series just for some light reading. It is really just a nibble of an indulgence. Enjoy!
Wilde Fire, the second book in Chloe Lang's The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada series, begins to weave a solid storyline while still holding back enough to create a suspenseful read. A love hexagon with six lovers in one relationship, this book focuses mostly on the heroine’s developing relationship with just one of the brothers. Like the first book, this is also a quick read with a fluid flow.
Jessie, who had come to Wilde, Nevada to investigate accidents in the local mine, meets Jackson Wilde and his four brothers, Phoenix, Dallas, Denver, and Austin. (I know the names are a little hokey - seriously, all names of cities? but just go with it.) After Jackson, who she fell for in the first book, is called away on a business trip, Jessie spends time with Phoenix who charms her nearly as much as Jackson. And here comes the hot chemistry I felt was missing from the first book. Jessie and her men have an attraction that even her common sense won’t allow her to fight. The sex scenes are filled with emotion and add to the developing relationships as her reaction to both men begin to overwhelm her.
When Jessie begins to ask questions, the brothers know it’s not much longer before they need to share with her the truth behind their lifestyle. But Austin is still holding out, convinced he doesn’t want to share a mate as his family does so the other brothers work to prepare Jessie for Austin (I can not wait for his book!). In the midst of this, the author is still providing snippits about the mine accidents and a potential danger. Several things happen in this book to indicate a threat and the suspense is building slowly.
Now I am sold on the series and am eagerly looking forward to the next release. A quick notation that readers must read this in order because of the nature of the series... just go out and get them both because you won’t want to read the first without having this one to start right away. It’s just better that way.

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