Saturday, April 16, 2011

Navarro's Promise

In the wolf breed novel, NAVARRO’S PROMISE, Mica Toler’s best friend is the wolf/coyote hybrid breed, Cassie Sinclair. And now Mica is being drawn into her world in ways she had prayed she never would be when the charming wolf breed Navarro makes good on the promise he made her on a dark, explosive night. The Breeds guaranteed that no harm would come to Micah Toler but they never allowed for her sensual fascination with Navarro Blaine. Aloof, cool, and mysterious, he draws her in as no man ever has. But Mica never wanted this. She had her own dreams, her own desires, and being stalked and seduced by a wolf breed wasn’t part of that plan. Now she knows her life is in danger. What Navarro knows is that she’s his mate and that the breeding and training that created him is being peeled away in his desperation to claim a woman that refuses to be claimed. He has her body. She craves his touch. And as the breeds converge the past will rise up to haunt Navarro in ways he never expected.

OMG I loved it!!! I know that we all thought that when Lora wrote Jonas’s book there was nowhere else to go except Cassie’s story but hey we have been told forever that she is just too young. Well Lora has really done it again. In this book she not only brings in a new character with Navarro, with the feeling like you have known him forever but she brings back the connection between Cassie Sinclair and Mica Toler (Cassie’s best and only true friend). We were introduced to young Mica in Elizabeth’s Wolf, when Dash Sinclair was trying to save Cassie and Elizabeth (great book by the way). These aren’t the only characters that get reintroduced. She brings back old enforces that haven’t mated yet and starts us thinking about younger breeds that grew up with Mica and Cassie. I for one now have hope for the future. The book starts out fast and doesn’t slow down. Lora only takes a couple of chapters to reacquaint us to our characters. Almost immediately following our introductions the action starts with Mica being set up to be captured. There is a huge price on her head by the mad scientist Philip Brandenmore. Navarro comes to her rescue and after the chase they land up at Sanctuary where the kiss leads to mating heat for Mica but not for Navarro. You have to read the book to find out what is going. I don’t want to spoil the book for anyone. Those of us that read the Breed series like to be surprised. This is my favourite series of all time and Lora Leigh hasn’t disappointed me this time. No matter how many stories she writes for this series she keeps mixing things up enough to make her books a fantastic read. I give Navarro’s Promise 5 chocolate dipped strawberries without any reservations. It is a great read as always. You don’t even have to read them all in order if you don’t want. I originally started in the middle of this series with Coyote’s Mate. READ READ READ!!!
Review by Shari
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