Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hump day - May day

Yo! What's new? Life, whatnot...mostly whatnot....Last weekend was a totally crappy weekend - had such great plans for a lovely, sunny respite. Instead I had one of those moments in time you wish you could rewind and prevent (cleaned the house, I know you are shocked, and bent over to empty the dryer...eeek, couldn't stand up to save my life.) That's the bad news, the good news....well there isn't any good news other than I spent a WHOLE lotta time in bed, on the heating pad, reading. I think I deserve a treat - I know you do. This one's for Kim because I couldn't make our movie date to see Furious Five....Mmmmmm. Yummy eye candy!

So, to sample some of my reading treats, this latest installment, from Amazon publishing, Eileen Ann Brennan's Paradise.

Eileen Ann Brennan may have pulled off the impossible: she manages to make not only camping attractive, but camping in the Okefenokee swamp seem downright hot! Surprising the reader with the trifecta of successful elements – solid storyline, interesting characters and, well, seriously steamy erotic scenes, PARADISE is the little erotic romance that could.

Roberta Miller enters a travel sweepstakes with visions of romance on the seas aboard a swank cruise ship with her boyfriend. What she wins is a week camping in the Okefenokee swamp and sans cheating bastard. Poor Robbie is horrified at the thought of heading off to the wilds of Georgia, losing cell reception being surrounded by things that slither and could eat her.

However, upon meeting Eddie, part owner of McGraw Tours and her personal tour guide, Robbie decides that things may turn around if only she can get him to stop exploring the wilderness and start exploring her! Eddie McGraw finds Robbie more than tempting but he must maintain a professional relationship for the sake of the family tour business. Furthermore, Eddie has reached a point where he wants to settle down and the ambitious, citified career girl is not what he wants…or is it?

What may sound like a simple, formulaic love story turns out to be full of rich and complex storylines that compel the reader's attention. The characters, both main and secondary, are fully developed and extremely appealing. And of course, the sexual tension between Roberta and Eddie can be cut with a knife. The author skillfully teases the reader with the lead up, and when they finally get together, their passion rages like the storms outside their shaky platform tent! Seriously, any author that can make sex in a tent, on a platform in a swamp, surrounded by snakes and alligators seem like the perfect setting has serious creative skill.

This sassy, sexy adventure novel proves to be a quick and steamy read. The sex scenes are hot and plentiful and the characters have enough substance that readers feel a real romance story line grow. Eileen Ann Brennan's creative take on the "holiday fling" is certainly worth reading as she delivers her reader to PARADISE!

This review was previously written for The Romance Reviews. The Romance Review
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