Saturday, May 14, 2011

Is Three A Crowd?

Every once in awhile, every woman needs to read a menage. Ah, I can still remember reading my first. This book did the trick - I read it for my other review site - and had some important elements for me. Because even though erotica is hot, I still need romance; and suspense/ adventure is like a cherry on top. So, check out the review and then read the book sometime... you won't be disappointed. 

Is Three a Crowd? (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)Is Three A Crowd? by Louisa Neil has a unique storyline with enough mystery to keep the reader interested. Five years ago, Maris lost all personal memories after an accident. Her life has been controlled by her overbearing mother as she begins a new life. But when her mother passes away and her job as a land appraiser brings her to a mountain retreat, her life changes.

Meeting Nathan, the landowner, and his business partner, Blake, causes Maris to have vivid dreams that feel more like actual memories. As the reader is introduced to each of the main characters, there is an air of mystery to the men. Each is well-developed with unique personalities and quirks; and the relationship between the two men is plausible. While the story itself might not be realistic to some readers, the characters are highly believable.

Maris discovers quickly both men were once her lovers. She is shocked by their past ménage relationship because her mother has led her to believe herself a reserved woman. But she is drawn to the men and the life they once lived together. She feels a connection to the mountain retreat where she once stayed. The character’s connection to one another can be felt as readers are given glimpses into their past. Realistically presented without being glossed over, the ménage relationship seems authentic. (And the sex is hot!)

The men help Maris to uncover her past and discover unpleasant revelations about her family and accident. The memories come slowly and there are parts of the book that stall out. As her suppressed memories return, Maris yearns to accept the free-thinking, sensual woman she once was but again, this happens almost painfully slow. The secondary characters help fill in some of the slower moments and I especially enjoyed their housekeeper.

Is Three A Crowd? is a good story. The plot is complex, maybe too much so because some of the strands are not developed thoroughly, leaving the reader wondering the purpose of some passages. And though the storyline overall holds the interest of the reader, I confess to skimming some passages because the pace was a bit slow. I recommend this book as a casual, weekend read.
RATING: 4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

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