Sunday, May 29, 2011

Owning Wednesday

For those who follow my reviews, you know that once I find an author whose writing style I like, I tend to read everything they write. So I've been reading my way through Anabel Joseph's books. She has a great voice and is committed to character development in a way that makes each story so powerful and unique. Most are focused on some type of performing art which also lends to its uniqueness. I like Joseph's books and I hope you will too...

Owning Wednesday was another high quality book written in classic Anabel Joseph style. Focused on a committed relationship, albeit an intense BDSM one, the story brings depth to a simple erotic tale. The story was real and engaging with an edge of tension that kept me flipping the pages quickly.
Wednesday was with Vincent, her Dom, for nearly eight years. He viewed her more as a possession and their relationship was one of teacher to student, Dominant to submissive with a deep understanding but no love. When Vincent decides it's time to end their relationship, he finds someone whom he believes to be a perfect Dom for Wednesday. After one (very hot and steamy) encounter, the reader senses Vincent may be right. Daniel demands so much more from Wednesday than the simple obedience given to Vincent – Daniel wants a true relationship – and Wednesday has to submit to her emotions to meet his demands.

It is this emotional battle that makes the book so fantastic. Wednesday is a woman who struggles with accepting and giving love so when Daniel demands that she allow him to love her, she fights the feelings to her core. The tension derived from Daniel and Wednesday’s budding relationship is realistic and well-written. Allowing Wednesday to have a different style relationship with each man, choosing to submit and obey and still hold onto a piece of herself, created a realistic character. Wednesday was a strong submissive and a strong heroine who I very much liked.
Annabel Joseph is on my short list of favorite BDSM authors. She does an excellent job of capturing the lifestyle while bringing forward powerful love stories. Excellent emotional read.
RATING: 5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries... mmm... mmm... so delicious.

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