Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hump Day - June Know It's Been Crazy!

Howdy there friends and readers! Life continues to have me chasing my tail this summer!!! What a shocker for those who know me...NOT! I have more irons in the fire than I know what to do with - house projects, kid projects, reading projects....and waiting, oh so not patiently for my beloved but truly screwed up True Blood to restart (but the Glades has been keeping me occupied until then - I really only watch one show a season so I have a new conflict.) Have a little summer delight - makes you wanna go swim....eye candy - Yum!

A new summer treat to try: B.L. Bonita's Edge of Woods: check it out!

B.L. Bonita stalks and captures readers in this well crafted, all too abbreviated romantic thriller. THE EDGE OF THE WOODS combines elements of murder, mystery and mayhem and kicks it up a notch with a spicy, sexy romantic twist.

Sent on assignment to investigate the Cold Lake murders, special assignment journalist Carmen James and her cameraman never expected to become victims themselves. The killer attacks them late one night, forcing Carmen to run for her life. Found the next day hiding in his woodshed, John Malloy comes to her aide, healing her and falling for her. John struggles to discover the killer's identity in time before their new romance winds up another of his prey.

The Cold Lake Butcher may be wreaking havoc in the remote Alberta wilderness but that seems to have little impact upon John Malloy or special assignment journalist Carmen James. Where there is smoke, there's usually fire and the blaze that burns between these two characters makes this novella worth the read.

A highly enjoyable read, THE EDGE OF THE WOODS takes the reader on a true journey through the remote Canadian parklands. With a clever storyline, solid characters and well written dialogue, B.L. Bonita could have expanded this into a full length romantic suspense that would have left the reader sighing and waiting for the next installment.

I give Edge of the Woods a tasty four chocolate dipped strawberries - a dip in the Cold Lake with our eye candy hottie!!!!

This review was previously written for The Romance Reviews.
The Romance Review
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