Monday, June 20, 2011

A Little Lawful Disorder

Lipstick and Handguns [Lawful Disorder 1] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)I’ll admit up front that I am drawn to this author’s voice and have enjoyed every book she’s written. But wow, has she outdone herself with this one! With mystery and a darker storyline than usual, Gabrielle Evans has hit her stride with Lipstick And Handguns, the first book in her Lawful Disorder series and I cannot wait to read the next.

In the three years since his lover left without explanation, the only people brooding Detective Ryder keeps close are his grandmother and his partner on the force. After months tracking a case where men are disappearing and then being found dead, victim Sidney Kessler is found alive. When he wakes up in the hospital frightened and confused, Sidney finds safety in Ryder. But Ryder is completely unprepared for the feelings Sidney stirs in him. Though reluctant to start a relationship with the vulnerable man, Ryder knows he's falling fast. But he still has a case to solve and a criminal to catch; and he can't let his feelings stand in the way of his job.
Both characters were well-developed, each given their own time to evolve as unique characters. The slow evolution of their relationship worked especially given the trauma Sidney underwent and Ryder’s reluctance to get involved. Seriously, how often do you read a book where the lead characters spend more than a few days with each other before any sort of romance takes place? It was a refreshing change and allowed readers to know them as individuals first.

Secondary characters were good additions. The simple fact that he lived with his grandmother, who readily accepted him, spoke volumes about his character. Evans interjects small details that set a stage for the stories she tells; and in this book, she creates a realistic and suspenseful story. This is a definite read.
RATING: 5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries.

This is my favorite Evan's book so far... what's yours?

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