Sunday, June 26, 2011

Moonful Tidings: Elizabeth Amber's Satyrs!

Normally the royal "They" dont have me kick things off...I am the fun one they pull out at parties, events, etc, but this week I WIN! It is my greatest pleasure to introduce you all to a series well worth it's weight in gold (or paper, or epub, etc) fact, this is the series that prompted me to actually invest in my first ereader! (True story)

Tyra and I have spent many a "girl's night out" ending up at our local retail book store...and we all know by now my penchant for pretty eye candy. We stumbled upon Elizabeth Amber's Satyr series but the, ahem, graphic book covers held me back from actual purchase (I do have a 14 year old at home who has no qualms about harrassing me for my "embarrassing" books....) Have Sony e-reader, will buy books! First purchase was Nicholas, followed swiftly by Raine. Allow me to gift you with some true eye candy, and on book covers no less!!!!!

Now, this series has a little bit of something for everyone. You enjoy historicals? Bingo. You crave paranormal? You betcha. Like it hot and steamy erotica? Hoo boy! This series is inventive, well written and captivating. Amber's writing is lyrical, her stories as romantic as they are spicy - delivering readers a hard fought happily ever after every time!

For those of you who love a good contest - listen up. All week we will be posting blog reviews of Amber's latest Satyr releases - every reader who responds will be entered for our giveaway drawing - autographed editions of Dane and Bastien! (believe me - you will want these books in your collections!)

Live it up - enjoy a guilty indulgence. Eat, Sleep, Read!
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