Sunday, July 10, 2011

I am Obsessed

Sanchez twists a simple plot into a good story in Obsessed. Likable characters capture the reader, drawing us into the mystery so well that putting the book down was a challenge.

Halley is the victim of a brutal attempted rape. She is trying to put her life back together, opening a new business with a friend and re-engaging in life. Now a stalker is after her and when she most needs to be rescued, Nick becomes her hero. Though alive, Halley finds herself in the hospital and after that incident her life is not getting any easier. Her stalker is getting more aggressive and Halley begins suffering from panic attacks, indulging in pills until she discovers that Nick seems to be the only person able to calm her. Nick makes her feel safe but with a body made for sin and a badass persona, Nick not only calms Halley, he also ignites a passion within her.

Nick comes with his own baggage. I couldn’t decide whether his past made him perfect for her or just the opposite. Nick had sworn off relationships after losing a woman he cared for until he meets Halley. Nick can’t stay away from Halley once he rescues her from an attacker. Filled with desire and a need to protect, he forms a connection with Halley even though he risks losing her. The evolution of Nick’s character as he progresses from his own mourning to be capable of developing a relationship with Halley is touching.

The mystery of the stalker seems obvious though Sanchez throws in some curve balls that call some other characters to question. But the focus of Obsessed is the relationship forming between Halley and Nick. The interactions between the couple are realistic and believable – much like any real-life couple might be. They had great friends – fun and integral secondary characters – in their respective best friends who truly added to the story. More romance than mystery, Obsessed is a sweet love story of two broken people finding their healing in one another.

RATING: 5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

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