Thursday, August 11, 2011

Heading To The HOT ZONE... AAD, Here We Come!

We're on our way to Authors After Dark 2011 in Philadelphia, PA so no time to do another review... busy, busy, busy with packing, costuming and shopping. So here is one of my TRR reviews to share for the road. See you on the other side!

HOT ZONE by Betty Womack 
Hot Zone got off to a slow start but hit its stride as the storyline centered on the two interesting main characters. Jessica Fontana is a Seattle-based Special Ops agent, engaged to a man she is beginning to see isn’t a fit for her. Then she meets Jake Claypool, Texas Special Ops agent, when she goes on an assignment. Once married to a society girl when he was younger, now his life is all about his job with the FBI. Though seemingly in two different places, they find a connection and the sexual tension makes for an interesting story.

When they are sent as partners on a dangerous mission to Nicaragua, Jessica and Clay have to have each other’s backs, something they are trained to do. Though the book started off slow, it is the action in the jungle that makes for a spine-tingling adventure. Jake and Jessica, in the field, seemed invincible - even hurt, and badly outnumbered, they had skill. The jungle fight scenes are vividly described and intense.

But it’s when they find themselves falling in love that really scares them. And it keeps the romance reader flipping pages to find out whether these two heroes are brave enough for another chance at love. The characters were well-drawn and a good combination, had great humor and fun exchanges, steamy sexual friction and strength to match no others.

4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries... this book will appeal to any fan of romantic suspense.

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