Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Humpday hello! Take Me HOME!

Greetings and salutations my summer friends. I readily admit, I am too beat by the heat to come up with much more that a simple hi. I will however, never forego our all time favorite treat...eye candy. Say it with me...yummmmm.

This week brings another new to me author - thanks to the divine Ms. T, Tyra that is, and her love for all things male....male/male that is! Before you shake your heads and say, nope, so not me - pause! Just one moment - and think of things that make your heart go boom, boom, boom....(no Katy Perry jokes coming from me). Romance - check, heartbreak - check, action and drama - check. So, check it out!

Home, William Neale, MLR Press, 2010

William Neale writes comfort food for the romantic soul. This super promising new author takes classic ingredients: characters that struggle against their feelings, complicated outside forces, that ever burning desire to find a meaningful relationship and cooks up one heck of a love story! Like the old adage, "The longest way round is the shortest way home", Mr Neale's debut novel, HOME, depicts the rocky road to romance between two life-long frenemies.

Lucas's father has recently passed. Rogan shows up at the funeral to pay his respects and to finally apologize for his past behaviors. Lucas hears him out and initially struggles to find his tale credible but actions speak louder than words. Lucas and Rogan's off the charts sexual chemistry sizzles on the page. Watching their relationship grow despite their many individual obstacles—work, family, and a very unplanned public outing—serve to build a love story so emotional, so universally relatable. The sacrifices they are willing to make for one another will move the reader to tears.

Neale has a true gift. In HOME, he creates strong and relatable characters and allows a complex story to unfold without forcing it. Empathizing with these men who have one rotten thing after another happen to them, all while trying to navigate the course of what the readers know to be a true romance, makes the story captivating. Far from formulaic, this well written love story provides the reader with action, suspense, sexual heat and more than a large slice of reality. Well worth the read, HOME hits the mark and puts this author on the Auto-Buy list for this reviewer!

I give HOME Five Chocolate Dipped Strawberries....tastes like Home to me!

This review was previous written for The Romance Reviews. The Romance Review
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