Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Humpty hump - Sin's got me Undone!

I know it has been one of THOSE weeks...and here we are again, right at the crest and hoping the ride down is a fast one! Man, school started (my oldest started high school!), my youngest got braces (again) and we got socked with a major 5.9 earthquake 60 miles away from us. I kinda felt like I was living in L.A. again!

The one good thing to come out of stress is insomnia adds to my reading schedule....who needs sleep when you can read, right? Since I am dragging a bit and could use an energy boost - how about joining me in a snack - an eye candy snack. Ooooh tasty!

Larissa Ione, Sin Undone, Hatchette Publishing, 2010

The final installment in the Demonica series, I held off reading this because I adore the world of Underworld General and all its crazy demonic/supernatural population. Larissa Ione's fantastical world of a demon run hospital under the streets of NYC is brilliant and her characters are hotter than Hell itself!

Sin, the long lost, actually never known, sister to the Seminus demons we already know and love: Wraith, Shade, Eidolon - finally gets her story. Last time she was glimpsed was taking over the Assassins' Den. Working with her natural ability for creating lethal diseases, combined with centuries of servitude as an assassin have made her the perfect candidate. Except she might have accidentally created a plague which is killing off the entire turned population of Wargs (were-wolves) and has the ability to mutate and jump species faster than the UG guys can make a vaccine.

Connall, the long lost end of dhampire royalty is hiding from his obligations a little bit longer - after years of holding the world at bay, he finds a home with the UG team. A dare finds him hooked up with a sexy succubus in the nearest janitors closet (they do have alot of sex in the closets of UG!!!!) Problem with vamps - they have a tendency to get blood addicted. Problem with succubi - they need alot of sex. Problem with the two most prickly creatures in the underworld...they might be falling in love!

I wasn't so keen on Con and Sin in their initial introduction in the previous book - that has definitely changed. I found both characters to be hilarious - snarky and sexy and utterly kick-ass warriors. You have to appreciate a couple that can scrap and screw and still manage to break down each others walls - and they had some serious walls. The little poignant twist at the end had a true (swear it!) tear in my eye. And the glimpses of the UBER bad ass horsemen of the apocalypse were to die for - I am ants in the pants dancing with excitement to read onto the next segue in Ms. Ione's writing....bring on the Eternal Riders!

I give Sin Undone five sticky sweet chocolate dipped strawberries and applaud the killer demons willing to duke it out for love!

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