Sunday, October 30, 2011

Get Jynxed

Jynxed by Melinda Barron is a short story brimming with passion but ultimately felt like a lead up to nothing. As I read the story and gathered details on the character’s past, I was waiting for the action to take off. And although good substance was provided, characters well- rounded, the revelations left me with more questions. My only hope is that this short story may only be the beginning of a beautiful series.

Jynx fell in love with Asar Moussa the first time she saw him while on fellowship at Cambridge. But after he stands her up one night, she thinks he’ll forever remain just a fantasy. Fast-forward three years and Jynx has moved on with her life though she’s never forgotten Asar and how he once made her pulse race. So when he contacts her, she finds herself ready to indulge herself and spend a single night with him despite how he ditched her last time. Amazed that her body still responds to even just the sound of his voice, Jynx knows she simply must give in to her fantasy. 

Asar has regretted standing Jynx up on that evening so many years ago – it has haunted him since. Now that he finally found her again, he doesn’t plan on letting her slip away this time. But finding her proves easier than explaining his reason for leaving the last time.

Don’t stand us up, Ms Barron, give us more because this simply whet my appetite for more. I enjoyed Jynx and Asar’s story - the writing was solid – but it simply was not enough.

RATING: 3 Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
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