Thursday, October 27, 2011

Storm's Heart

I loved Dragon Bound so much I wasn't sure about Storm's Heart – how could it get any better? But Thea Harrison hooked me with book 1 and I wasn’t disappointed. This book gave me everything I wanted - a hot Alpha hero, a smart and resourceful heroine... love, sex, humor, action, adventure, and strong secondary characters. Tricks is this little charismatic, girly girl faerie who loves pop culture, pink, chocolates oh and vodka and Cheetos for dinner. Tricks had a couple of annoying moments. But I loved her growth in this book. She grew into her character and was a changed person at the end of the story. As far as Tiago….YUM – I’ll have seconds please. He is this big hunky, solitary, protective, warrior Wyr AND he has a sense of humor. Actually can I have thirds? Don't you wish you could find a guy like him? You know, one who shoots thunder and lightning through your entire body with one little kiss. He scares her, no he’s sexy, no he’s scary, no he’s edible, no he is soooo sexy…... What more can I say? If you are looking for a sweet (yes deep down Tiago is really a marshmallow – for Tricks anyway) and romantic story then you will enjoy Storm’s Heart. This is a great book and definitely a must read.
I give it 4 chocolate dipped strawberries!

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