Friday, November 4, 2011

Coming Out Wolf

Coming Out Wolf by Julia Talbot flirts with the idea of what’s worse… being gay or being a werewolf. Until readers find out there’s even something worse – being in love with your roommate who clearly doesn’t feel the same for you.

No matter what Steve does, Rick doesn’t respond. So Steve decides to go all out to get his attention. Told from Rick’s point of view, it’s a little bit humorous but a whole lot more hot.

The story starts with a little bit of background that many short stories forget to include. Then readers are quickly dropped into the heat of these two men who clearly have feelings for one another. The passion is obvious and I enjoyed that but what clung to me was the theme of ‘coming out’ that wove throughout the story. 

If you like shifter stories and the heat that comes with them, you’ll enjoy this. Plus you’ll feel good reading it knowing it is part of the 2011 Charity Sip Blitz collection. More than thirty authors have written short fiction pieces and have agreed to donate all proceeds of the sales of these stories to the It Gets Better Project. Torquere Press Inc. will match the authors' donations completely.

RATING: 4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries
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