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Fabulously Hot Fingertip Fantasies

Oh, all the images you can conjure… with the Fingertip Fantasies series by Melinda Barron. This deliciously indulgent series is quite an experience. The psychological implications of the bdsm community are explored with such depth; the bonding of the couples is dealt with in a more realistic manner without rushing the subsequent relationships that form. While there is no shortage of decadent eroticism, the focus is on character development. Wonderfully done.

These books were given to us by Resplendence Publishing. Many thanks!

Book one in the series is Transparent Illusions.  
We first meet an interesting cast of characters in this book though the primary focus is on freelance writer Saffron Tyler. Given the chance to write an exclusive piece on Fingertip Fantasies, an elite bdsm resort, for the underground magazine Salacious, Saffron spends two weeks as a submissive at the resort. While her premise is to be there for her research, Saffron has a real need to submit.

The story is slow in the beginning but as Saffron’s experience at the resort begins, there is no stopping as she embarks on her submissive discovery. It is more than she had ever anticipated and the emotions flow from the pages as she adjusts her mindset. With toes curled, we meet her Master who immerses Enigma – her sub name - in the bdsm lifestyle. Master does not make it easy for her as she struggles to learn and obey his subtle (and not-so-subtle) cues. He often leaves Saffron sexually frustrated and she’s confused why he refuses to take his pleasure in her body. Compound onto that her tendency to speak before thinking and Enigma finds herself in quite a bit of trouble with Master. His unique punishments keep readers turning pages just to see what his imagination conjures.

Soon enough, she realizes it is no longer an act – not just an assignment – but something she desires more than anything. Saffron – Enigma - discovers she truly wants to be her Master’s perfect sub. And I can understand why because I nearly fell in love with him myself. A distinguished and experienced master, he shows Enigma the true joy in being submissive to a master.
With a bit of mystery and certainly a twist in the plot, readers will come to an unsuspected conclusion right along with Saffron. Her journey of discovery is heart-felt and their final scene together was amazing.

RATING: 4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

Book two in the series is My Kingdom for a Corner
Master’s sister takes the leading role in this book. Francesca operates as a Domme, having a few subs that she plays with but no serious relationship until she plays with Mr. Oliver, a well-respected Dom, one night.  After mind-altering sex as a bottom, Francesca can’t get him off her mind, especially when he offers her a proposition.

Oliver is positive he’s unlocked Francesca’s submissive side. Now inviting her to spend the weekend as his sub to explore that untapped part of herself pushes Francesca to consider just what she’s willing to do to find fulfillment. Her stubbornness leads to delicious punishments and yet her courage is unmistakable – her desires (and fright of them) so palpable – as she embraces this experience with Oliver as her Dom. Their bdsm scenes are heart-pounding with dripping sensuality. And they are absolutely necessary in the telling of Francesca and Oliver’s story as readers watch the couple bond.

Oliver wants more than just the weekend. And he’s convinced Francesca could be happy as a Switch – being his sub while serving as Domme to others. Now he needs to convince her that she will not lose her Dominant side by embracing her sub side as well. But it’s his final act that demonstrates this beyond denial and opens her to a whole new world. The sense of freedom in a single action is profound.  You will shiver when you read this.

RATING: 5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries 

Don’t miss out on these little indulgences… and beware: you cannot read just one so go ahead and buy them both.  They are a beautiful exploration of the bdsm lifestyle. And I've made it easy - just click on the links below and it will take you right to the purchase page! Happy reading.

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