Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First Time, Forever - KC Burn

Well the kids finally got a snow day yesterday, so they are a little happier. This has been the warmest winter that we have had here in the valley in the nine years that we have been here. It's been most unusual but I don't want to complain because this California transplant really hates driving in snow.

Just a couple of weeks ago I had not read a book by KC Burn and now I am doing my second review for her. And even though this story was a novella, which can sometimes have plot difficulties because of the length, this book didn't not fall victim to that problem. Ms. Burn has gone from "new to me" to "auto-buy" and I am so happy to add her to the family.

First Time, Forever by KC Burn, Carina Press
Derrick and Trevor used to have an incredibly passionate relationship, full of spontaneity and sizzle. Now that their son is off to college, they want to put their days of routine, vanilla sex behind them and bring back some of that spark.
Realizing that they’re empty-nesters, Trevor begins to notice their age difference. He suddenly feels old and unsure of himself, and isn’t confident Derrick still desires him. When Trevor decides to keep his health issues and gray hairs down there to himself, Derrick is hurt by his partner’s secretive behavior and thinks Trevor must be having an affair.
Nothing could be further from the truth, but Trevor doesn’t know how to communicate his fears to his partner. He desperately wants to reconnect with Derrick and rev up their sex life, but will it be enough to reclaim their marital bliss?

This novella was a really nice change in that it is the story of an "older" couple. Most of the stories we read are about finding love, this one is about keeping it.

Trevor and Derrick are at a crossroads in their life. Having just dropped Trevor's son off at college both men expect their sex life to return to the spontaneity they once shared. But work,insecurities and miscommunication lead to hurt feelings and suspicion.

This book is difficult for someone like me because I wanted to crawl into the pages and just sit both men down and get them to talk to each other. You can feel the love each man has for the other and knowing the pain they are both going through could have been avoided hurt to read. But I also think that's what made it such a great book. I was fully invested in these character's in a very short period of time and for me that's all down to a good story and character development.

I liked the flashbacks of the way things used to be but enjoyed that even though they were older they could still bring the heat. I thought I was going to fall out of bed laughing over Trevor's waxing mishap and could totally relate to his pain.

If you are looking for a quick read that feels like a full length novel emotionally and leaves you with that slightly flushed voyeuristic feeling because it seems so real, then First Time, Forever is a book that you don't want to miss.

RATING: 5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries. This book was given to us by NetGalley. Many thanks.
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