Thursday, February 9, 2012

From This Moment On - The Sullivans Book 2, Bella Andre

“The easiest explanation is the easiest to believe but not necessarily the truth.”   Such a simple statement with so much truth to it and so much underlying meaning.  At one time or another most people can sympathize with this sentiment and with the emotions of the characters in this beautifully written story by Bella Andre. 

Marcus is the oldest, 36 years old, of the Sullivan family.  Since his father’s death, when he was just a child, he has assumed his father’s role and done everything he can to help his mother and care for his seven siblings.  After years of putting his family first and work constantly to make his vineyard a success he finds himself alone.  His fiancĂ© has made it clear that they are through because in his long list of things to take care of she is always last.  He realizes that although he thought he was in love with her he was more in love with the idea of her.  So he sets out to make up for lost time – a night of crazy sex should do the trick.

Nicola is a very young, famous Pop star in town to shoot of video with Marcus’s sister Lori who is a choreographer.  She is constantly in every gossip tabloid claiming that she is wild and a slut.  But is reality she is shy, always alone in her hotel room and only manages to break out of her shell when she is singing.  She is tired of being alone and decides that if she is going to have this reputation she might as well earn it so when the walls of the empty hotel room start to feel like they are closing in on her she quickly decides that maybe finding solace in a stranger’s arms for the night is the answer. 

From the moment Marcus and Nicola meet the sparks between them are electric.  Nicola is an extremely strong female character who respects herself and goes after what she wants regardless of her underlying timid nature.  And although Marcus is also a very strong character their ability to balance each other out makes for a very intriguing story.  This story is not at all predictable.  They both have to work through the issues that brought them to be reckless and end up looking for a one-night stand.  But the reality is that neither one of them really wanted a one-night stand.  Given the age difference, Nicola’s fame and the fact that Marcus had just recently got out of a relationship they were unable to admit that to themselves or to acknowledge that more was possible until it was too late.  But Marcus has years of knowing how to manage tuff situations and for once he has found someone worth putting first – worth setting aside his family, his vineyard, everything.  A women who has the ability to give him back the life that he lost when he had to put everything aside to fill his father’s shoes. 

This story is beautifully written.  Ms. Andre does a masterful job grabbing the reader from the first page.  And it is refreshing to have such a strong woman character that isn’t afraid to say what she wants for her life.  Her maturity more that makes up for her youth and her youth helps Marcus regain some of what he has lost.  In the end they are a beautifully matched couple that leave the reader cheering that Marcus finally got his happily ever after. 

RATING:  I give this one four chocolate dipped strawberries.

Special thanks to Bella Andre for this wonderfully written story.  Many thanks!
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