Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sin Eater's Prince

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The Sin Eater’s Prince is a story with such deep sense of sadness and yet it is a beautiful tale of love. Keta Diablo brings this incredible dichotomy to life in this quickly-moving story. From a life wrought in loneliness rises a man capable of redemption.  Set in long ago England, Owen Rhys is the sin eater of his village which means he absorbs the sins of the newly departed so that they may go cleansed into the afterlife.  Because of this position, he has been shunned by the local villagers his entire life.  Yet to this reader, Owen is a near perfect male... simple, humble, giving, honorable, and of course, handsome.

Sadly, Owen has exactly two friends. First, Carys is a young girl who cares for Owen as a brother. She’s equally sweet and kind – very likeable – whose courage later in the book earns her my respect. And then there’s Andras, the town’s physician who has cared for Owen from afar.  Andras has a secret that keeps him away from Owen – he’s a vampire who has been watching over him just as he pledged to Owen’s father before he passed away.  Andras fights his dark side continuously to keep himself good. With such a deep sense of honor, Andras has kept himself apart from the man he desires so as not to turn him, thereby forcing him to live the life Andras himself has been forced to live. Owen, of course, is shocked then when Andras saves him from another vampire and admits he cares for him. 

Their love story is so simple – pure and untarnished by the world.  With years of history between them, it seems natural when they take the step to consummate their love.  And, mm mmm, their consummation is hot while also being incredibly beautiful.  The emotional connection warmed me – the fact that Owen could find acceptance through Andras was incredibly moving; and the vivid imagery Diablo presents gave this reader the shivers. The ultimate in romance played out as the men accepted their fate and came together.

Now, the story isn’t just about the two men falling in love (‘cause that would be boring). Here’s where the protagonist comes into play - Dagan, the evil vampire.  Andras killed Dagan’s father long ago and now Dagan wants revenge along with the Prince's sword that belongs to Andras.  The sword holds the power to allow vampires to walk in sunlight which is the ultimate desire of those who can only walk in the night.  When Dagan learns about Owen, he uses him to bring down Andras.  Dagan was a truly unlikeable villain, perfectly written to have few redeeming qualities.  The tension he brings is nail-biting as the action explodes and readers are left to wonder about Owen’s true destiny.

The Sin Eater’s Prince takes place in long ago England and the mythology is unlike the traditional vampire romances today which made it a more interesting read.  Diablo incorporates Welsh superstition, myths and traditions to give the story a dark undertone.  It reads nearly like a mystery but readers cannot miss the love story that reigns true through it all. Owen and Andras is a couple I won’t soon forget.

RATING: 5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries


This book was given to us by Keta Diablo. Many thanks!
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