Thursday, April 26, 2012

Catching up with Teresa Morgan

Catching up with Teresa Morgan…. I first reviewed Ms. Morgan’s Cinderella and the Sheikh this past December. 

And Jenn reviewed it last summer.

Having loved it I’m thrilled to get to review her other two books in her Sheikh series. 

Handcuffed to the Sheikh and Sheikh with Benefits

Handcuffed to the Sheikh has spent over nine months in the Top 100 Romances and is the #1 Romance/Short Story. 

Given that it is only 54 pages, I’ll try to sum it up without giving away too much of the story.  To quote the leading lady, Maxine Frost, “Best.  Abduction.  Ever.”  Maxine opens her front door thinking it is a salesmen coming to annoy her only to find an Arabian prince who promptly abducts her.  Sayd is brooding and sexy as hell but in her mind obviously insane given that he claims to be her husband.  He is pissed that she ran away and is demanding answers but she has no idea who he is.  He whisks her off to a secluded cabin and begins questioning her in an effort to try to piece together what is going on.  All the while Maxine is convinced she would remember this sexy man who has her body stirring but not her memory. 

This story is masterfully written.  The chemistry between the characters is intense and the possibility that there is more going on if what Sayd says is true makes the story exciting and page turning.  The ending is truly touching and the story does not suffer for the shorter length.  This is a great quick read and will have you immediately wanting to read more by Ms. Morgan due to it’s high quality.

Sheik with Benefits is also very well written.  Long time friends Arya and Sheikh Javad value each other’s friendship immensely.  Javad, the prince and second son, feels protective of her and longs to see her but doesn’t pursue her for more of a relationship for many reasons.  Arya has always lived in her sister’s shadows as the more subdued and shy sibling.  Her father has required her to be at his side helping him in his diplomatic roles.  In this role she has been around Javad for a long time and has grown to care for him at a soul deep level.  But she has also grown weary of always having to put on a mask and play the perfect hostess.  She longs for Javad to show any emotion to give her an indication that there might be more between them.  Finally, she has had enough and decides to arrive at an event wearing the most eye-catching dress she can and announce that she is done being on the sidelines.  She tells him, just to see his reaction and to force their relationship to take a turn one way or another, that she wishes to sleep with his brother, the king, and wants him to proposition him on her behalf.  And that if he doesn’t then she will find another man in the room willing to step up and be with her.  Javad is forced once and for all to look at her and notice that she is more than a friend and that if he doesn’t step up he may loose her forever.  This story is very touching given the tenderness the both feel for each other.    

I loved that in both stories the couples had known each other for a while.  The reader doesn’t feel that the story evolves to fast due to the shorter length.  It is more of a glimpse into an existing story but so well staged that the reader doesn’t feel lacking for previous back-story information.   These are both very believable couples.  Both women are strong and characters that most women can relate too. Both of these are stand-alone pieces and do not share characters with the other Sheikh stories by Ms. Morgan.  The men are smoking hot and when they claim their women it is with all the passion and fury of a desert wind. 

RATING:  Both stories are worth 5 chocolate dipped strawberries. 

Many Thanks to Teresa Morgan for the opportunity to review these stories!

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