Tuesday, April 24, 2012

From A to Z With Kim Dare

Hello. I’m over here. Look up. Yep, here I am… up here, out on the limb. I’m hanging upside down; just busy reading something out of my norm. There's a little f/f action going on and then a fem domme on top of that. Definitely out of my normal reading comfort zone. Best thing about it though is BDSM shorts by Kim Dare are delicious no matter which flavor they come in.

The first of her A to Z series I read is Admiring Anna, a f/f BDSM story. It was a hot little twenty-two pages… whew!  More importantly though, this author can capture the essence of two people coming together so honestly it leaves the reader feeling like a peeping tom.

Samantha, an artist’s assistant, has admired Anna, one of the nude models for awhile now. Having overheard conversation of a club Anna frequents, Samantha visits the club only to discover its more than she expected. Anna is in fact something special – she’s a Domme. And the club caters to female dominants and their submissives. Samantha doesn’t know whether to run and hide or follow Anna’s commands. Luckily for us, she can’t resist Anna’s commands. With such simplicity and grace, Anna calls out Samantha’s natural submissive hiding within her. The tenderness and passion mix to create a beautiful scene and with just this one scene, readers will see just how much chemistry and potential this couple has. 

RATING: 5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

Back into the m/f BDSM, Obeying Olivia is just as hot a read. What this author can do in a few pages many authors can’t do given an entire novel. Honestly, smoke rises from her pages!

Mark, the bartender at the monthly meeting of local female dominants, has played at being submissive for months. He’s had a few scenes, but never dated any woman who inspires the submission he feels inside himself. He believes he can find what he needs with Olivia, one of the Dommes at these meetings but is held back by his knowledge that it isn’t his place to approach her.  So he simply watches and waits until one night when his fantasy comes to life. Olivia returns his interest and now Mark needs only to obey Olivia. The vivid description of this strong male submitting his body to this powerful Domme is fabulous. This story captures simply their first scene but it depicts such a sweet side to this natural submissive with his honest responses. It is so obvious this is just the beginning for Mark and Olivia.  

RATING: 5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

These books were given to us by Resplendence Publishing. Many, many thanks.
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