Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Humpday Shoutout to Cat Johnson

... cause every girl wants more than an 8 second ride!

Studs in Spurs....Hunky Hero Blog Hop - like chocolate and peanut butter - two great things that go great together! Win great prizes - or at least books.... winner's choice of any Cat Johnson's backlist! Make your presence known: comment below, or follow the link:

The Rookie ~a Studs in Spurs Deleted Scene

This is a free read available on Cat Johnson's website and contains a deleted scene from her third book in the Studs in Spurs series, my favorite: little baby Chase. It's short and sweet, awkward and erotic....Chase and Mustang with some cheese in the middle!  Seriously people, it's eight pages - I am not giving anything away but I will tell you, if you are one of those people who likes to stay after the end of the movie and watch the out-takes, then you will love this deleted scene!  Check it out....did I mention it's FREE?

Oh Cat Johnson, how do we love thee....let us count the ways:

1) Cowboys and rodeos....'nuff said!

2) Military men....heroes and hotties!

3) You can have a reader laughing, crying and fanning herself all in less than 200 pages!

4) Your tag line: it's not your mama's romance.....PRICELESS!

5) You put your money where your mouth is....supporting young PBR Alvin is so unbelievably cool.

6) The elf ears you sported at A.A.D. in Philly - divine!

7) Your true adoration for shoes - both girly and macho (you had Kim at the shoes....)

Jenn's actual back window!
8) Gillian's Island - one of my go-to books for when I need a good fun romantic read to get my head back in a good space.

9) You've got the writing chops to pull off contemporary, military, western, paranormal, menage and more!

10) Let's Buck, a brand that's sweeping the nation (or at least made it as far as the Shenandoah Valley - it's fun explaining this one in the hospital parking least once a week!)

In all seriousness, I truly do appreciate your approach-ability with fans (squee!).  You have a writing style that is fun and enjoyable to read.  Not all your subject matter is light and breezy and you don't pretend that life is anything other than what it is - but somehow you manage to convey a sense of hope and honesty in your work that makes your diverse catalog of stories similar in some way.  I think it may be in the sense of brotherhood (the bull riders, the military men, the firemen) or just that reminder that we as humans need be connected (some going to great lengths like Texas Two Step) - and hey, if it happens to involve an alpha male and a sassy heroine, more's the better!

RATING: 5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries and a cold beer and a hot dog....cause these cowboys make me want a hotdog 'real bad' .... (Thank you Legally Blonde II)

This book was given to us by the author for an unbiased review. Many thanks.

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