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I Only Have Eyes For You, Bella Andre - Book Four Sullivan's Series

Forbidden Love, that if acted upon will last a lifetime, is the theme of the masterfully written short story by Bella Andre.  I Only Have Eyes For You is book 4 in the Sullivan’s series.  Based on the lives of a family of 8 siblings, each story takes on one of the family members and tells of their journey towards a happily ever after.  The family consists of 6 strong dominant males and two twin sisters who have been protectively watched over by their brothers due to their father’s unfortunate death when they were just two.  One of the twins has always been outgoing and the more flamboyant of the two while the other, Sophie, has preferred to stay hidden in the shadows and just observe the chaos of household full of so many strong personalities.  Their mom is a caring and insightful person who, when they were children, encouraged one of the boys childhood friends to spend much of his time with the family due to his troubled home life. It is due to this unexpected second home that Jake has managed to become who he is instead of a bitter, unsuccessful person.  The love he received from being included in the family is something he can’t put a price on and he will do anything to maintain that relationship. 

However, from afar Jake has loved Sophie since they first met as very, very young children.  He has done everything he can to keep away from her thinking he isn’t good enough for the Princess of the family but deep down he wishes that things were different.  His home life was horrible and it left very deep scars that he tries very hard to keep hidden. 

Sophie shares his unrequited love and can’t remember a time when she hasn’t been so deeply in love with him that just his presence didn’t erase the world around her and leave her only seeing him. 

The story picks up with the wedding of the couple from the first book, Sophie’s brother Chase and his bride Chloe.  It is held at her brother Marcus’ vineyard and Sophie and Jake have been working together to plan the event.  Sophie has had enough.  She is tired of her family not seeing her as anything but a princess to sit in the corner untouched.  She has decided that it is time for Jake to no longer see her as just the little girl that used to follow him and her brothers around begging to play dolls.  She is determined to seduce him and make him see her.  And wow – is she ever successful.  The fire between them is so intense that they are both shocked at how passionate things are when they finally allow themselves to be together. 

Unfortunately, the next morning Jake’s demons are back, front and center, causing him to run out rather then facing her.  He can’t bring himself to allow her to settle for him feeling that she deserves much, much more.  Fate takes a hand though and regardless of their precautions she ends up pregnant.  Once confronted with the news, Jake is joyous that the decision has been taken from his hands and that he gets to keep her after all.  But it is too late since he has broken her heart.  He begs her to give him 7 days to prove to her that she shouldn’t shut him out of her and the baby’s life and she reluctantly accepts just to pacify him.  Knowing that it will take a miracle to heal her broken heart and convince her that he does want to be with her after all.  

The following love affair – I’ll leave out the spoilers – is magical.  They have quite a bit to overcome in getting to the heart of what has kept them apart but the journey is full of tear jerking and touchingly romantic scenes.  This story is one to treasure and deserves a space on the “to keep and read over and over again” shelf.  This can be read alone but the relationship between the couple and Sophie’s family will make more of an impact if you have read the rest of the series.  This is the perfect sunny afternoon on the porch swing read and one to treasure. 

RATING:  5 Chocolate Dipped Strawberries served with Marcus’s best vintage.

Many thanks to Bella Andre for this great book!!

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