Friday, June 8, 2012

I'm Yours

I'm Yours, Lindsay Paige
Bold as Love # 2
After the incident with Claire, Emily encounters more problems. Conrad is back with explanations and hope. Emily wants to give him a chance to explain himself. She can't help but wonder why he left. However, Jake isn't comfortable with Emily going out to eat with an old lover. 
Will things be too much for Emily to handle? Will Emily do the one thing she knows best and withdraw? Will Emily and Jake's love for one another keep them from shattering?

Well, summer is here and it is the perfect time to sit on the dock and read a little novella.  I  have been busy at work and with year end stuff for the kids, so I have not been able to read anything forever, so it was good to start reading again in baby steps with Lindsay Paige’s young adult romance novella , “I’m Yours.”  I’m Yours is only a little over 100 pages and centers around the romance of high schoolers Emily and Jake who are in a really good solid relationship when Emily’s old boyfriend Conrad shows up. Conrad broke Emily’s heart when he dumped her like a hot potato. He has come back to tell her why and try to win her back.  Jake gives her space to make her decision. In the end, Jake and Emily have some significant drama that can either draw them closer together or separate them for good.

First, let me say that anyone who can write a 100 page novella earns my respect from the effort alone.  When you add no errors and some interesting details, even better.  I  would give this novella a solid two chocolate dipped strawberries


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