Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Live It Up

Live It Up 
Grassroots, Book  3
by Emma Hillman


Andy’s been after an insane shifter for days, but when he rescues Sunny, the human female Mary had decided would make a good snack, he finds himself entangled with someone completely opposite to him.

He's his Pride Enforcer. She's human. He lives for his job. She lives in the moment. Nothing good can come out of this. So what if his lion yearns for her?

What Andy and the rest of the Pride don't understand is that Sunny might not be a shifter but that doesn't mean she's weak. She knows what she wants and she's going to get him...whatever it takes.

Live It Up is the third book in the Grassroots series. It follows along with the others in the series which is becoming rather predictable. This time, the hero is the Pride Enforcer Andy who has been after psycho shifter Mary.  He meets Sunny when he rescues her from Mary and brings her home to heal. They are complete opposites but still there is a connection between them – his lion pulls him to her no matter how the human part of him fights it.

The book is good but not a shining star. I definitely liked the first two books in the series better – not as much of a connection with the characters in this book. I’ll be watching for the next book though to see where else Hillman can take this series.

RATING: 3 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

About The Author
Emma Hillman never plans her stories. She just lets the characters have fun and hopes the ending will make sense. It usually does. Besides being a multi-published author of erotic romances, she works full-time and lives in Paris with a (nice) husband, a (cute) little girl, and two sweet but (very) loud pets. She also reads far too much as the postman (and her banker) could attest, but shhhh.
For more information on her current and future releases, you can visit her blog at or chat with her on Twitter (@droptheglasses).

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