Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Possession - Terra Laurent

What do you do when you are an exorcist and you fall in love with a dead guy?

Possession, Terra Laurent, Siren Publishing
Romantically bruised exorcist Shane Palin is called to assist a beleaguered young man, Joshua Reynolds, who is haunted by a violent spirit. Shane is immediately drawn to the unnerved Joshua, but is plagued by his disastrous history of selecting lovers, and foundering self-confidence.
Adding to his emotional tumult is the dashing, ghostly Forrest "Gene" Davis, who, with each encounter, leaves Shane's magic flaring and his internal compass pointing directly south. Shane wishes for a new start with a new man, but to choose Joshua would be to banish the ghostly Gene from the world of the living forever.
As Shane struggles to decide who owns his affections, he discovers one of these lovers has brought darkness into his life, and may be seeking to lay claim to more than just his heart.

When Shane is called in to do a routine exorcism it turns into anything but routine. While trying to make a connection with the ghost in question something unusual happens and their connection takes on a sexual slant. Shane is shocked when it turns out to be the best sexual experience of his life.

Terra Laurent is a new author who shows a lot of promise. The story-line was original and entertaining. There were several editing errors that I think will not be as frequent with more experience. I also had a hard time "picturing" the character's in my mind due to the way they seemed to shift personality traits. It made the beginning of the story a little convoluted.

Once I really got into the story I couldn't help but be entertained and was pleasantly surprised by some of the twists. One thing Ms. Laurent has down pat are her sex scenes and they were hot. If you like ghost stories with some KINK then Possession is a book that will appeal to you.

RATING: 3 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries.  This book was given to us by the author. Many thanks.
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