Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Never Too Hot, Bella Andre

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Deep in the cool green mountains of the Adirondacks, wounded firefighter Connor MacKenzie has come to rebuild the 100-year-old MacKenzie family cabin - and to be alone. A horrific blaze has left him scarred inside and out and certain of two things: He'll get back on his hotshot crew no matter what it takes, and any woman who ventures too close will not stay long.

Ginger Sinclair has been burned by a different kind of fire. Having just escaped from a bad marriage, she's retreated to the safety of the lakeside vacation town in upstate New York to start a new life. She's done with men, with relationships, with the danger of desires that can rage out of control - until she unexpectedly encounters Connor MacKenzie. As a hot summer on the lake grows ever hotter, they find themselves sharing a cabin and a romance that will swiftly engulf them both.

Never Too Hot is the third book in the Hot Shots Series. Taking place in yet another, all together different, mountain range we get to find out what happened to Connor, the injured hero firefighter from book one. Where book one and two were filled with adventure and action packed scenes, this story is about the emotional journey of recovery. Taking place two years after the first book, Connor has spent countless hours, blood, sweat and tears trying to regain his life psychically, emotionally and professionally after his terrible accident that left him horribly scared. He escapes to his favorite place, where he spent his summers as a child, to wait out the news of his third and final appeal to regain his firefighter status – hoping that if he can work hard enough on restoring the cabin the time waiting to hear back will be more bearable. But when he arrives he finds that his grandparents have rented out the cabin to a beautiful, strong woman. He is forced to share the cabin and all hopes of hiding are banished due to Ginger’s uncanny ability to see everything he has managed to hide from everyone else.

Ginger is a wonderful character who is going through her own self-discovery after her nasty divorce. She recognizes the struggle Connor is going through and goes into their relationship with a good perspective of where it might or might not lead. Ginger’s boss and much older best friend adds another level of depth to the story as her story begins to interweave with Ginger and Connor’s. Since she has known the family for years, she begins to shed light on some of Connor’s family background adding even understanding to what has shaped Connor into who he is. This underlying story line is so well interwoven that you will have a hard time not hoping that Connor and Ginger aren’t the only ones that will manage to find their happily ever after.

The passion between Connor and Ginger is amazing and makes you wish for your own lake vacation with a chance to go skinny-dipping. Their relationship develops at a nice pace. Ginger’s ability to accept Connor just as he is and not let him push her away was very touching. Eventually Connor is forced to admit his feelings and face that his career is over but when he does he realizes that Ginger is all he ever really needed and just never knew it. This is another great summer read and a touching testament to the sacrifice that firefighters face everyday.

RATING: Five Chocolate Dipped Strawberries.

This book was given to us by the author. Many thanks.

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