Friday, August 24, 2012

Finally hooked up Friday

It's Friday and I couldn't be more happy. I can't believe the end of August snuck up on me like that. I have lots of house cleaning to do and room switching. Not to mention back to school shopping to do. On a positive not I finally have a green light on my Kindle after it's dip in the bath tub. Going to call Amazon and see if there's a reset button or something. My usual fix isn't working. fingers crossed. Thank goodness for good old paper books.....

The Saint by Monica McCarty

Magnus MacKay is the ultimate Highlander: tough, proud, able to master any terrain, and best even the most ferocious enemy. Called “Saint” for his refusal to discuss women, as well as for his cool and steady leadership, Magnus’s war name hides a far more painful truth. It isn’t virtue or piety that keeps him silent, but a wound of love and loss that cuts so deep he cannot bear to speak of it. But when the woman who refused him is betrothed to his friend and fellow Guardsman, Magnus is tested by love’s battle cry.
A wild and innocent beauty, Helen chose family duty over her desire for Magnus. Now the anger in his eyes mirrors the tormented regret of her heart. But as deadly subterfuge stalks the King and his Guard, Helen vows to right her youthful mistakes with a woman’s determined spirit. Still, Magnus harbors secrets and an iron will not to weaken to temptation—or heartache—again. But as danger looms, it’s not the kiss of a saint, but a sinner, that can save them.

Holy cow! I didn't think these two would ever get themselves together! Just went I thought they were on the same page one of them would screw it up. I know during that time period things went a little differently but these two were killing me. I couldn't help but laugh. Helen would decide yes I want to be with Magnus then Magnus would turn away then he would reconsider and then Helen would turn away and vise versa. It was a great story. I loved watching them run from each other both knowing it was useless. I love this series!

I give this book 4 chocolate dipped strawberries and a class in communications for Magnus and Helen. LOL

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