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Spicing It Up

The Spice It Up series is just that – it’s Spicy. Hot – hot – hot. The characters are hot, the sex is hot, the chemistry is hot. And mixed in all this heat are sweet stories of couples falling in love. Author Jennifer Labelle just released the three stories together in a print anthology if you prefer to rock it old-style. And maybe you want to hold the deliciously indulgent cover in your hands! Or you can buy them on-line… her buy links were in yesterday’s guest post. Go back and check that out if you haven’t read it – the author brings along her characters to talk with us and they were lots of fun!

Spice It Up is book one in the Spice It Up series. In this first book, Heidi’s roommate Nathan gives her the simple advice to “spice it up” but when push comes to shove, Nathan really just wants her to spice it up with him. They attempt keeping it casual but feelings get in the way – there’s some bumps in there – and they discover what they have is anything but casual. The heat builds when readers learn Nathan is bi-sexual. Heidi, an open-minded woman who I couldn’t help but admire, invites their neighbor to join them. Though it doesn’t work out exactly how she intended, Heidi did open the door for the beginning of something great.

Definitely a lot – and I mean, a lot – of sex with the story being just the icing. I’d recommend to anyone who loves erotica and to those wanting a sweet romance. Spice It Up is a unique blending of the two – with this level of heat, you don’t often get that blend of sweet love.
RATING: 4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

Finding His Something Spicy is book two in the Spice It Up series. It sticks with the same characters but adds a fourth – and I do mean adds the fourth! You’ll need your oven mitts again for this one because it is hot-hot-hot. The sex abounds from the very first scene.

With Heidi and Nathan now married, their neighbor Rafe needs more than their arrangement is giving him – he wants his own something spicy. And who better than Heidi’s BFF Zoey? She has an open-mind and is able to embrace the lifestyle Rafe lives with Heidi and Nathan. With a bird’s eye view into just how well Zoey fits in, this book provides every combination of sex a reader could crave. If this isn’t an indulgent lifestyle, I don’t know what is!

There’s no angst, no dilemma, no struggle – but Finding His Something Spicy is again a sweet love story with a whole lotta steamy hot sex. Most striking is that the author has been able to make it all seem so natural, as if a foursome happens every day but this book would most appeal to the more adventurous readers who enjoy erotica.
RATING: 4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

Lyrics & Lust is the third book in the Spice It Up series. It’s the best yet. With the introduction of two new characters but a link back to those from the previous books, the book feels familiar but brings in some new flavors.

Nathan’s cousin, Meagan moves in with the foursome after going through a tough breakup. She feels like the fifth wheel until she makes a few new friends at her new job that just happens to be the bar the foursome often hang out. When Meagan meets the sexy Lyric Cooper who owns the club and sings in the band, she is head over heels. They play it slow for a while until an attack pushes them together and they realize they both want the same thing – to be each other’s something spicy.

Still hot –can Jennifer Labelle not write hot??- this books adds an element of suspense which served to capture my attention. Though I wished that storyline was played up a bit more because there seemed to be lost potential, the love story was genuine and sweet. And having all the characters together felt a bit like a homecoming.
RATING: 4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

These books were given to us by the author. Many thanks to Jennifer Labelle, Secret Cravings Publishing.

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