Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sean Michael's Velvet Glove Story

Two Men for Two Brothers 
A Velvet Glove Story
Sean Michael

Can two brothers and two damaged young men find a family in each other?

Kytan and Rivan love what they have, but they know they need more. When two emotionally damaged young men find their way into Ky and Van's lives, they decide they've found the perfect family. Can they convince Hinton and Jewel they know what's best?

Are you in a reading rut?  You know what I’m talking about.  You read a really great historical romance, chick lit, western or whatever and so you reach for another and then another and another!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then they all turn into the same book and you can’t remember one from the other. You start to think that there just aren’t any good books left.  What really happened is you just got stuck.  It happens to everyone. When that happens you just have to read something totally off the wall that makes you think what the (insert any of your 4 letter words here). Try reading something that just snaps you out of your downward spiral and leaves you shaking your head to clear it out. Trust me – we all need to pick up a book like that from time to time.

This happens to be one of those types of books. I soooo needed it!!! From page one – I, who by the way very rarely lets one of those 4 letter words fly, had an internal dialogue going with myself that was definitely not for children to hear.  TOTALLY CLEANED OUT MY HEAD!!!

I am not sure what I thought the story line would be and had never read one of Sean Michaels Velvet Glove stories.  These are major kink stories – yes MAJOR.  Like with the F*** and of course I had to make sure I had my head completely cleaned out mind you  so I read the second one that I bought right afterward!!!!

Go figure.

Kytan and Rivan are brothers that love each other in every way.  They reside at the club and while Kytan is paired up with a sub that is destined to be perfect for him – Rivan meets his on the same day out on the street in front of the club.  Ky’s man is trying to get over the death of his parents and Van’s has been out on the streets since he was little. Ky and Van are both looking for a full time sub and hope that the four will become a happy family.  Both men are strong dominant alpha males and the two sub won’t make it with out them.

I trusted Sean’s creative writing and knew that he wouldn’t let me down and of course he didn’t. The mark of a good book is if you get online and look at what other books you can get in the series.  There were other characters that grabbed my interest because of course I was reading out of order.  I wanted to know about Doc – Ghost and of course Malichi, so online I went.  I purchased several others and plan on keeping them on hand just to shake up my reading choices now and then and OK because I found out that kink can be really fun to read.

Hmmmmm – I would challenge you to test yours and would recommend Two Men for Two Brothers  by Sean Michael.

RATING: I am giving it 3 ½ chocolate dipped strawberries and would suggest you give one a try.  See how far your kinky side takes you! This book was given to us by the publisher. Many thanks from Shari!
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