Monday, November 5, 2012

The Cure, MC Foley

Los Angeles. 2012. After a beaten-down, sickly cog visits a faith healer, she develops a dark wish fulfillment power that stokes her appetite for sex and vigilante-style revenge. Plagued by a crushing illness that no doctor can seem to diagnose or cure, dejected-Hollywood-working-stiff, Evan MacKenna, takes a friend's advice and visits a faith healer who lives in the hills. "Everything changed after I saw Agatha," assures her friend, Jimmy. "I survived. You will too." What seems like an other-worldly miracle, restoring Evan to the most virile and healthy version of herself, soon shifts to something darker. Evan does not just feel The Cure... she feels it... transforming her... into something else entirely. "The illness, the one that almost killed me, or almost killed my soul, was also the thing that brought me here. A new home in my city of angels. Heads on stakes. Enemies impaled. All of this revenge surrounding what used to elude me - Power. Until now. One visit to the bird streets and everything changed. They say absolute power corrupts. Absolutely. Yes, it does." Splashes of dark humor.


This story takes our current society of corruption and unfair treatment of employees and puts a voice to all the injustice. Working in a career where the executives take all the credit for the companies success without giving credit where credit is do, Evan finds herself feeling better physically after a “healing treatment” but still fed up with the injustice all around her. One morning she blurts out her deepest wish for one co-worker to receive payback for all of their misdeeds and is shocked that three hours later her wish comes true. She quickly realizes this is not a coincidence and begins to try to find out the full extent of her gift. While wishing away the injustice around her she tries to find balance in a world full of anything but.

This story reads much like a late ‘90’s Alanis Morisette song – full of anger and female empowerment. Given today’s poor economy and unemployment numbers some readers may find this story entertaining and a topic they can relate to. There are several sex scenes with her “person with benefits”. However, their relationship is rather odd. They aren’t really all that found of each other and mainly use each other to scratch an itch. So if you are looking for a love connection or even a physical connection then this isn’t the book for you. Overall the story has an interesting concept and appears to be part of a planned series as the story ending is left open for continuation. This is an interesting change of pace if you want something other than a romance and expresses some of the frustration that everyone is expressing right now with the current state of the economy.

RATING: Three Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

This story was given to us by the author. Many thanks.
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