Saturday, February 2, 2013

Reviewed Under His Roof

Rachel has had great success in her career, but in the meantime has inadvertently shunned her friends and family from her life. So she seeks the help of a professional disciplinarian to provide her with 'motivation' to be kind.
David, the professional disciplinarian, has given up on trying to have a relationship. He's not willing to break his self-made protocol and hit on a client, but he's equally unwilling to have a 'vanilla' relationship. He needs to be in charge.
What will happen when the unlikely pair meets?

This is a NOVELLA, not a full length novel. Expect about 30,000 words, or half the length of a typical romance book. There is, however, book two coming shortly.

This story is gentle and sweet and warm despite, or maybe because of, the spanking. At the very heart of it is a man seeking a partner to fulfill his need for a DD relationship and a woman who has no idea she needs what he offers until she experiences its beauty.

Under His Roof is a fast read that moves the characters equally as fast into a relationship. (I wish there'd been some time lapse but I suppose that's just my nature to take things slow.) It was unique to read about a professional disciplinarian and I suspect will definitely be an interesting dynamic to this couple's relationship moving forward. The multiple POVs helped to understand the motivations of both characters and increase my connection to them which is always a plus. There are some loose threads at the end but book two is just around the corner so I can be patient.

This book is a good read. If you aren't offended by spanking, you'll enjoy this short love story.

4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries
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