Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Humpday Hello to KD Grace

Greetings and salutations humpday nation!  Lord what have we gotten ourselves into?  We have had a completely mild winter and now we are drifting from one snow storm to another - where is that bloody rodent?  He'd better stay in Pennsylvania, because if I get a hold of him, he's pot roast!  Let's think of nicer things - like eye candy!  Yessssss - delicious, calorie free, snow free eye candy!

Kinky Boots by KD Grace

Jill Hart’s new boots come with a surprise, a sexy demon named Eleanor, who’s looking for lots of fun. All she lacks is a body. When she tricks Jill into sharing hers, desire and risqué escapades take a detour neither of them expected.

But just how far will Jill have to go to fulfill her most daring fantasies?

After a sizzling encounter in Demon Heels, a quirky all-night shoe store, with the store’s hot owner, Finn Masters, Jill Hart walks away in the most gorgeous boots she’s ever seen. But her new boots come with an unexpected bonus, a sexy demon named Eleanor, who’s looking for a good time. All she lacks is a body, and Jill’s will do nicely.

Jill quits her dead-end job and, not knowing what’s come over her, unwittingly participates in something she’s never done before. The boots were the bait, the timing was right and Eleanor has new digs. But it’s Finn’s job to prevent Eleanor’s misbehaving while in possession of Jill – he’ll have to ride shotgun and do damage control until Eleanor moves out at the next full moon.

But with Eleanor in residence, Jill’s bolder, sexier, willing to take risks. Will the maddeningly magical ménage make Jill’s dreams come true, or will it break her heart?

Every girl loves new shoes!  And there are many girls (KIM) who dream of an all night shoe store.  Personally, the sexy store clerk had me at May I Help You?  This is one of those short stories that feels longer and it deserved a couple readings to catch all the elements - the first one picked up the seriously erotic escapades of Jill's possessed self as her new lust demon flexes her sexy cravings.  The second one followed the interesting story of Jill as she goes from nice gal pal who gets jilted by her friends every time they hook up to Jill possessed by Eleanor who has sex in a shoe store, takes her crappy job and shoves it, and explores her kinky side with the delicious Finn and his hulking colleague Meinrad.  

KD Grace creates a sexy vignette of the members of the Sole Alliance, a group created to monitor and maintain the lust demon Eleanor who manages to give them the slip.  They rely on each other for....everything and every need, as does Eleanor. Once possessed, Jill Hart becomes the new focus of the group.  The sex is erotic, sexy but graphic. The story actually flows and has some interesting twists.  It would certainly be an interesting idea for expansion - I think that exploring the characters in a longer story would have made this particular tease even better for me.  While not a happily every after, it is a happily for now type ending so it would be a perfect summer read - perhaps while the kids are running through the sprinklers - the perfect opportunity to cool down after steaming up!  

RATING: 4 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries This book was given to us by the author for an unbiased review.  Many thanks.
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