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Tes Hilaire - Guest Blog!

The Unstoppable Kiss 

As a romance writer I think about kissing a lot. Okay, that’s not all I think about, but let’s try to keep this blog pg-13 rated. ;-) More specifically I’ve been thinking a lot about the first kiss in my stories. How to set them up, who should kiss who, when should I let them kiss, does she want it as much as him, or vice versa? The list of questions goes on. Why do we put so much thought into this first kiss? Because it has to be perfect, of course. Only, I think we all know that first kisses aren’t always perfect: sloppy kisses, bitten tongues, bumped noses…Still, whether perfect or not, there is no denying the power of a first kiss. 

That first kiss is seared into our psyches with a vividness and clarity that doesn’t fade as some other intimate memories do. All that tension and desire coming together in one defining moment of intensity…perhaps part of the intensity of that first kiss is what it represents; the blank canvas of possibility. Whether the hero and heroine have been aching for the moment or resisting for all they are worth, taking that leap towards love takes courage. Accepting the passion driving that first kiss exposes our vulnerabilities, and fully succumbing to the emotions behind that passion means surrendering into the care of your partner the most fragile parts of us. Which is why that first kiss is so important, and why it has to be so perfect for our hero and heroine. 

Today I’d like to share a first kiss between the hero and heroine from Deliver me from Darkness. In this case both our hero and heroine have been resisting, through for far different reasons. From the moment he lays his eyes on her, Roland knows Karissa was his mate, but believes that what he is, a vampire, has made him unworthy for her. Every story and interaction she’s ever had with vampires would confirm his belief, only there is something about Roland that challengers her to question what she’s been taught to be true. I hope you enjoy this little teaser of the tension between them, I know I enjoyed writing it! 

She stepped forward, her brown eyes locking on his as she stared him down. “Oh, I don’t know. Maybe you drink because at one point in time, many a many years ago, you were human. Maybe you still remember the sweet sting of the alcohol hitting the back of your mouth, the spreading warmth as it burned in your belly, and the lazy waves of indifference that rolled in with it, demolishing all cares or worries. Maybe you were an alcoholic, or had the propensity to be one at least, and now, being what you are, and not being able to escape from it, you are instinctively succumbing to the addiction. In short, you are weak.” 

“Weak.” The vile word rolled like a jagged stone in his mouth. 

“That’s right.” Her mouth curled up in a saccharine smile, small white teeth flashing as she leaned closer into his personal space. “Weak.” 

Weak indeed. If he had been a weak man, then every time he’d gone on the hunt he’d have let instincts overtake him. Succumbed to the call of blood pumping through the veins of his prey. Just like a weak man, when faced with a friend’s request to harbor a young innocent that would tempt every aspect of his being, both vampire and Paladin, would have turned his back. If he was weak, he would have continued to deny what he already knew in his heart, in the hollow place that once held his soul: She was his mate. And if he was weak he would have used that as an excuse to take what he wanted from her, to claim something he had no right to claim. 

He was not weak. At least, not completely. Though there were times when he faltered. Like now, looking down into those beautiful brown eyes that were trying to bore a hole in his head. Melted chocolate. He wanted to drink them in, the same as he wanted to taste the full strawberry pink lips that were currently pursed in smug challenge. 

She probably didn’t even realize she had thrown down the gauntlet, probably thought she was being defiant, showing her strength by daring to get so close. Stupid woman. Hadn’t anyone ever told her not to play with fire? If her brown eyes were an addiction he could drown in and her lips an edible fruit, then her smooth skin was the fuel of his desire, her crisp floral scent the accelerant. An inch closer and they were both going to go up in flames. 

One kiss. One taste. One moment. 

He shouldn’t. She was too pure for him. She deserved more than a mate who could only offer her pain. More than a monster who would crave her blood as much as her companionship. He should turn his back on her now and get the hell away from here before he did something they’d both regret. 

He shifted into her space. 

Her head tipped back, hair slipping down her back, exposing her long neck and the pulse that flitted there. A hand came up as if to ward him off, but she stopped partway, hovering as if with indecision. He watched self-preservation war with something else…something that caused her lips to slacken into an openmouthed “oh” and the hand wavering between them to fall lightly upon his chest, curling into the soft material of his shirt. 

A pulse of rosy-red fire licked at the soft white, pinks, purples, and yellows of her essence. Roland’s nostrils flared, scenting the concurrent change in her body chemistry: crisp lavender spiked with spicy musk. 

She might not want to be, but she was aroused. 


Straws. Camels. Backs. Everyone had a point when they broke. Turns out his was his mate’s desire. 

He closed the distance between them, lacing one hand behind her head in her curls as the other reached to set the empty glass down. It landed with a plunk on the butcher block. At the same time a small gasp of indrawn breath left her lips. Sweet full lips. One taste. Just one. 

As he lowered his head, he told himself that if she fought him, if she pushed him back, if she so much as turned her head, he’d stop. He told himself this, but the truth was the desire for this once had become a howling torrent of need racing through his body. He couldn’t have stopped if he’d wanted. So it was a damn good thing she didn’t ask him to. 

His hand, now free, settled on her lower back, holding her steady as the other dug further into the silken locks and tipped her head back further for his attack. He bent closer. Their mouths met. The lingering burn of the scotch mingled with the sweet nectar of her blood that pulsed and plumped up that full rosy mouth. He’d thought a simple taste would be enough to quench his thirst, to calm the wild beast of need. He’d been wrong. 

With a growl he tightened his hold on her, pulling her closer, increasing the pressure of his mouth as his tongue stroked a path along the crease of her lips, demanding entrance. As soon as she yielded, her lips parting to allow him in, he knew: One kiss would never be enough. He wanted a lifetime of them with her. No, he wanted forever.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Daphne Award-winning author Tes Hilaire started creating whole new worlds to escape upstate New York’s harsh winters before finally fleeing to sultry North Carolina. Her stories are edgy, exciting, and bring a hint of dark fantasy to paranormal romance. And no one ever has to shovel snow. For more, visit, like her on Facebook
, and follow her on Twitter, @TesHilaire. Look for the other books in the Paladin Warriors Series: Deliver Me from Darkness (in stores now) and Prince of Shadows (December 2013).

A stranger in the night…
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